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photo of Dennis G. Balthaser Dennis G. Balthaser, UFO Investigator, Researcher and Lecturer. After retiring from the Texas Department of Transportation Dennis moved to Roswell, NM in 1996, to pursue his 25-year interest in Ufology and particularly the Roswell Incident. Today he is an independent researcher, investigator and lecturer and is a member of MUFON, and recently joined the advisory board of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. Dennis Balthaser can be contacted at (505) 625 8402, or email at His web site is

Searching for the Truth
(Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything)
Astronauts as UFO Witnesses
by Dennis G. Balthaser

Posted: 22:00 July 31, 2008

Astronauts as UFO Witnesses:

During the many years that I’ve been doing this research, I have had the opportunity to meet a combination of credible, and less than credible witnesses, not only about the Roswell Incident, but pertaining to other UFO incidents as well. Credibility and verification of witness’s information is of utmost importance to me, and usually can be determined after several conversations with the possible witness, or by checking their credentials based on known or obtainable information.

Fire in the Sky
Occasionally a witness comes along that has the professional background, credibility, or experience that convinces me to pay attention to what they are sharing. Several of the witnesses that I’ve known or interviewed have become personal friends, such as Jesse Marcel Jr. (pictured left with Larry King, CNN), who handled the debris from the Roswell craft in 1947, and has had outstanding careers as a military helicopter pilot and as a physician. Another is Travis Walton of “Fire in the Sky” (cover pictured, left) who is one of the most believable abductee’s I’ve ever met. There are others such as airplane pilots, law enforcement officers, etc.

For this article however I want to focus on our astronauts, who for the most part don’t talk much about their experiences with UFO’s, quite possibly because NASA, which I think stands for, “Never A Straight Answer”, has advised them it would be best to not discuss the subject, or they have refused to go public, fearing ridicule and condemnation.

Mitchell on the Moon

A notable exception to the astronaut group that does openly talk about it is former Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, who in 1971 piloted the Apollo 14 lunar module, with commander Alan Shepard to the moon’s surface. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Dr. Mitchell twice, the first time being several years ago at the Aztec, New Mexico symposium. More recently I met him here in Roswell. I had heard that he knew something about the Roswell Incident, so when I had the opportunity in Aztec, to talk to him alone, I asked him, “what he knew about the Roswell Incident?” Without hesitation, he informed me, “that he knew it did happen, but couldn’t tell me anymore.

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Searching For the Truth

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