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Chupacabras-A Cover Up Conspiracy?
by Cora S. 

Posted: 18:47 July 6, 2009

A year has passed since I witnessed a strange creature as I was driving home on N. Holly Road towards Holly, Michigan. I decided to share a more detailed description of this sighting with other UFO researchers and society in general. I would like to talk to others who may have seen something that looks like this creature I encountered last July.

The sighting took place on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at approximately 4:41AM. This event lasted only 9-10 seconds, but I will never forget the appearance of the bipedal, Chupacabra type creature that was digging in someone's trash on the right side of the road. I believe I was looking at a Chupacabra because it reminded me of a creature I saw on a UFO special about a Chupacabra that showed up at a young girl's birthday party. It was located 20-25 feet away from my car. I was driving slower than the posted speed limit, about 45 mph, and my brights were on; no other vehicles were present. I normally drive this slowly on Holly Road because it wasn't uncommon for deer and other animals to cross the road late at night.

As I slowed town to get a better look, this creature appeared to be very large and too huge to be any 'average' animal that I normally see in roadside trash bins at night. My first thought that came to mind was, "What is it??" I remember calling out words of animals in my head as I looked at each body part and tried to interpret what I was looking at because it was so bizarre looking! I thought, "Rat? No, too big.. kangaroo? It's grey! Red a jumps and leaps kind of like a rabbit...I don't know what I'm looking at..Can't be a Chupacabra??..Could it..In Michigan?"

This creature was holding a white, rectangular piece of trash. It didn't appear to have paws; they were more slender, hand-like. I recall seeing three long fingers on both hands holding up the trash. I think I saw two smaller fingers on both hands but they were barely noticeable. It had huge, round and red glowing eyes. Its eyes were comparable in size to streetlight bulbs; larger than grapefruits.

The seemingly intelligent creature reacted and looked kind of surprised to see me as if it thought no one would ever find out about its existence. That was my impression. It stared at my vehicle with its large red eyes. I think the creature was staring at my eyes while it held onto a piece of trash for nearly 4 seconds. Then, it threw the trash it was holding straight down on the ground in front of it with both hands. It reacted as if it was upset that someone caught a glimpse of it while it was in the process of investigating the trash can. Normally, animals are supposed to knock over a trash can and scramble around to get out of the way when a car approaches them on the road. This creature acted in a controlled and quick fashion.

Its long, triangular shaped, light grey face reminded me of a dog but it was more pointier and triangular towards the end of the nose and mouth. Its presence didn't seem ordinary and those gigantic glowing red eyes made me feel something was out of place here.

The creature had two long ears. It moved its right ear up and down so I could see the details; long like a kangaroo but rounded like a mouse. Its human like arms were bendable and closer to its body then its long, flexible, and muscular legs. The legs looked like a mix of kangaroo, human and dinosaur. The body of this creature appeared heavier on the bottom. Overall, its entire body kind of reminded me of a kangaroo body but it was completely grey in color; the skin texture looked reptilian. Some parts of its body were darker shade of grey than others; the face was light grey and flesh colored. It looked like it had a few short-hairs on its chest. It had a skinny tail that was similar in appearance to a rat's tail but it was much longer and wider.

I know this may sound strange, but seeing this creature didn't scare me. I remember staring at each body part on this creature while trying to determine what I was looking at. I was eliminating animal categories in my head. For example, this creature's tail was nearly 5 feet long in length and 5 inches wide. The tail looked like a giant rat tail but it wasn't a rat. I do have to admit that for the first 4 seconds I stared straight at the eyes of the Chupacabra; it stared at me too. Then, the creature maneuvered from around the trash can, it dinosaur walked to the right of the trash can so I could see it's body. Then it turned at and angle towards the ditch on the right side of the road. It squatted down and moved it long arms forward so its hands were touching the ground. Then it jumped two times at an angle facing towards the ditch so I never had a chance to look at it's back. The jumps were similar to a rabbit. Then it was gone.

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