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Angels, Aliens, or Inter-Dimensional?
by Doc Edwards

Posted: 11:10 July 17, 2009

[Excerpted from his forthcoming book, On Sacred Wings, How To Get Angelic Help To Solve The Problems Of Life, by Doc Edwards, Oxford Seminary Press, Oxford NC]

If seeing is believing, as the old saying goes, then I certainly have every reason to be a true believer in the presence of angels (spiritual beings, or whatever you should want to call them): For as this Introduction will hopefully prove ( at least in an anecdotal sort of way), I have seen things, indeed, been witness to things, that I dare say, few would believe really even existed, well less believe they had materialized in my own presence.

As a rule, we humans spend the greater part of our lives immersed in the mundane mire of everyday mediocrity, balanced somewhere between what we wish were possible and what our day to day experience tells us is possible, with very few remarkable days or experiences in-between to prove otherwise.

Fortunately for me, I have been blessed with another sort of fate, where my actual experiences often have far-outreached even my wildest imaginings; this story is the telling of just one of those incredible experiences.

Throughout my life, I have been so blessed with, what I can only call, hands-on, irrefutable, incredible demonstrations and spiritual proof --- not only by others, but also through my own, direct participation --- of supernatural phenomena and experiences.

These experiences were so remarkable and profound that had you told me that there was still more to come, even more demonstrative and phenomenal than I had already experienced, I simply would not have believed it was possible; but through, what I have come to call, "the unlimited possibilities of spiritual demonstration," it did happen. And it happened suddenly and quick one bright and sunny Saturday morning in 2004. As I learned latter that morning, and as you, too, will soon come to see: never put a cap on the lid of spiritual possibility, for truly "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet, Act 1, scene 5)

That Saturday morning I was teaching an advanced meditation class on using such ancient psycho-spiritual tools and techniques as a Hebrew-Chaldean talisman to make actual contact with the higher, astral (or as some might call it, angelic) realms, in order to seek and receive spiritual, or angelic, help and intervention in one’s everyday circumstances and affairs of life, practical things such as how to get spiritual help in resolving loneliness, lack, and limitation, whether in health, finances, or whatever. And as strange and far-out a subject for a class as this may sound to many of you now, you have to keep in mind that I had discovered over the years, through actual experimentation, through actual cause and effect, hands-on results, that certain ancient methods, regardless of how bizarre or strange their instructions might at first appear to otherwise rational and reasonable people, and certainly irrespective of any appeals to logic,… did indeed work, and they often worked miraculously to bring about the desired effect, the changes and manifestations that one might seek in their life and circumstances. I have never been one to argue with results, that is, results that you can touch, taste, and feel, and indeed in many circumstances, actually… spend ( I will have much more to say about this in the chapter, Miraculous Results.) I have always been one who believed that whatever the course or method of our spiritual approach, the bottom-line is always the same,…real, physical results that will bring about not only a deep, emotional conviction of the validity of spiritual methods and their manifestations, but also an actual, practical improvement of your physical life as well as your spiritual. As Jesus said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." (John 10:10) He was not only talking here about one’s spiritual life, but also one’s physical life as well.

To me physical, quantitative results that you can see, weigh, and/or measure have always been a part of my spiritual pursuit; to me, they are a veritable requirement to convince me of the utility and validity of any and all spiritual practices, as well as the principles which support those practices. As I often say, "One must put their physical proof where their spiritual mouth is." I am not saying here that the increase of personal wealth, physical comfort, and happiness should, in any way, be the exclusive goal and pursuit of spiritual practice ( though a good argument can spiritually be made for all three), but they are certainly an excellent way of measuring the actual effectiveness of your spiritual methods and the value and applicability of the principles behind their spiritual practice and teaching --- as the New Testament so aptly puts it, "…confirming the word with signs following. (Mark 16:20)

At any rate, we certainly had a good showing that Saturday morning, with thirty-seven, bright eyed and eager students of every age from nineteen to eighty-two years, all sufficiently advanced to at least understand and certainly appreciate the value of the unusual, but powerful, psycho-spiritual information that they would be learning that day. Why else would they be here? It was a community cross-section, a hodge-podge of folks from all walks of life: housewives, corporate executives, college students, etc… with even a fully ordained Methodist minister thrown-in to balance the batch. Truly, it was a gala gathering of like minded souls, seeking the addition of another level on top of their spiritual foundation.

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