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UFOs: Elementary Denials Explain Complex Reports?
by David P Kuhlman

UFO Researcher/ Book Reviewer/ Writer

Posted: 16:00 July 8, 2009

UFOs: Elementary Denials Explain Complex Reports?

There are indeed many avenues that lead to the ongoing investigation of unidentified flying objects, as we know them. Many different people from all over the world, from different backgrounds and professions have been at one time, introduced to this phenomenon, either by personal experience or through the numerous materials written on the subject. As it is, we have prominent people in prominent positions that regularly report such activities, as well as reports from people we refer to as run of the mill, ordinary folk.

Through all of these reports, no matter which community of people it comes from, there is still strong resistance to disregard the facts at hand, although there seems to be more of a reason to believe the reports of so called "qualified" or "trained" individuals, an issue I have great trouble with. Most people in any given situation know immediately if they see or experience something out of the ordinary, it does not always call for an experienced observer to relate these reports.

Years ago, in Georgia, I too witnessed something extremely out of the ordinary in the sky above. On two separate occasions in fact, I was not a "trained" observer nor did I hold any special credentials regarding my professionalism that would make my report more credible than any other report during that time. But what I saw was real, very real. Actually, I was around six years old at the time of my first sighting, and around nine on my second! Even at this young age, I knew immediately what I had seen was truly a remarkable sight and something out of the ordinary. If I had reported what I had seen, especially at the ripe old age of adolescence, it would have been immediately disregarded as mundane, and the over reaction of a child's imagination, there is no doubt.

What if, let's say, a respectable adult who had spent three years in the United States Army, one year of which they had spent serving their country in a war overseas, had in fact witnessed what I had seen and then reported it to local authorities? What would happen then? The adult would surely be classified as an experienced observer, wouldn't you think? They also would have been very much up to date and familiar with all kinds of terrestrial aircraft, especially what the military had during this time period. Would this type of witnesses report have made a difference and warranted an investigation? The answer is simply, no! How can I be so sure that authorities wouldn't have taken this report seriously from a well-seasoned adult who was just simply reporting what he had actually seen in the skies above over a young and gullible child's story? I can be sure because my father is the adult in reference, and he witnessed the first sighting along with me (my grand father was also present) as well as making a phone call to the local radio station regarding what we had just seen, at which time he was asked without hesitation, "How much have you had to drink tonight?" Preposterous!!

We were visiting my granddad and grandmother at the time of this incident, and we were all sitting in the living room talking, watching TV, etc. and I was immediately tuned into a sound from outside, a sound I knew very well, the sound of a helicopter. As a young boy I was fascinated by airplanes and helicopters, as most adolescent males are. My dad, who had served a year in Vietnam for the United States Army, was well aware of the sounds that helicopters made as well as other aircraft. What caught my dads attention right away was the fact that we continued to hear the thumping sounds made by the rotors of a helicopter, me being a child; I didn't pay any attention to the fact that the helicopter sound never faded off in the distance like it normally would if one had just randomly passed over the house. All I knew was that I heard a helicopter and was anxious to go and see.

Not thinking much of it, my dad and granddad took me outside to see the helicopter because I was becoming more and more anxious to go out and look. As we went out to look we made our way into the front yard for better viewing. The sky was cloudless and the view was unlimited, many stars could be seen as well against the night sky. Upon first glance I noticed there not to be one, but many helicopters flying around in sort of a circular flight pattern. I know my father and grandfather as well had noticed this unusual scenario. We could see the lights and the outline of the helicopters easily against the night sky, and the darkness of the sky was illuminated to an extent due to the lights from the nearby center of town. No markings of any kind were visible on the aircraft, simply due to the lighting outside. It seemed very odd to me at the time, or I guess you could say I was very much at a surprise and extremely excited to see not just one helicopter, but five.

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