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My 1969 UFO Sighting
by Lewis Brackett

Posted: 13:28 July 22, 2009

My 1969 UFO Sighting
Cutter Escanaba

In the late 1960s I served in the Coast Guard on three ships. By late '69 I was a quartermaster on the USCGC Escanaba.

My 1969 UFO Sighting
Aurora Borealis
I spent many weeks underway in the middle of the North Atlantic, usually 1000 miles from land. The vista at night was always awesome, especially in the Northernmost latitudes during the winter nights dodging icebergs and watching the Aurora Borealis :)

I had become very interested in both astronomy and UFO's so while on watch on the ships navigating bridge, I was watching for both icebergs and UFO's :) with our 7x50 binoculars.

Late one night likely about 0200 on ocean station Charlie 1000 miles NE of Cape Cod, when I started noticing something very strange about 45 degrees above and to the left of the ships bow.

There was one central star or light about as bright as the planet mars , and it seemed to be connected to several other dimmer lights by gossamer strands..... these dimmer lights seemed to be moving back and forth...... occasionally they would disappear, maybe being occasionally obscured by the lower thin film of cirrostratus clouds.

I watched this event most of my watch when I was not doing my duties. They were still there in the same place when my watch ended.

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