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Synopsis: Two Blocks from Slab Town is based on the actual events of Cissy, an eight year old girl, growing up in a Southern, rural town during the 1960?s. Her father was a World War II veteran suffering from a post traumatic stress disorder. Cissy lives two blocks from Slab Town, an area where homes were made out of rough, slabs of wood. These huts provided little protection from its predatory environment, animal as well as human. Cissy's mother was a clairvoyant, while her father was a clairsentient. She was able to survive and protect those around her by unleashing her sixth sense. As Cissy, I was glad to have this experience. I learned that a single flame can cut through the darkness making its own path.

Two Blocks from Slab Town
Father's Intuition (Part Two)
by Saturna Brown

Posted: 15:30 July 7, 2009

The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness. Under Western Eyes, Part Two

Two Blocks from Slab Town

      Well, Father did not have to tell me twice. I jumped into the back seat of the car, shoving Joey over to one side. Father pressed down on the accelerator, while Joey and I fell against the back seat. Then we rolled on top of each other when Father hit the paved road.

      When we were finally settled in our seats, I took a quick peek out the back window. Nope! I did not see them. But, I could feel the evil. I wanted gag. It took all of my willpower not to heave in the back seat.

      Suddenly, Joey started screaming, "They're coming! They're coming!"

      Father replied, "Hush, Joey! I know! I can see them!"

      Father was wearing out the gas pedal, because the view from the rear window was only a blur. Soon, though that changed. When I saw the telephone lines clearly, I knew we were beginning to slow down. However, I did not know why. I hoped we were not running out of gas.

      Father slowed the car down and turned into the parking lot of a convenience store. He took a spot in front of the door. When he stepped out of the car, he ordered us to lock the door and roll up the windows.

      Through the door's window, I could see Father talking to the clerk. The clerk shook his head. Father came back outside and walked over to the pay phone. I could hear Father's voice from inside the car. He was screaming at someone on the other end of the phone line.

      "What do you mean you can't do anything?" stormed Father.

      He was just about to slam the receiver down when the blue truck drove by. They crept up to the nearby stop sign and stopped.

      The store clerk came to the window near the pay phone and motioned for Father to come back inside. I looked over at the truck. A car pulled up behind them and the driver blew his horn. The truck moved. It would be back.

      A few minutes later, Father walked outside carrying three sodas. Two fruit punch and one coke. He opened the car door and sat inside giving Joey and I a fruit punch.

      Father took a sip of his coke. "The deputy sheriff is coming. They would not send anyone at first. But, the store clerk lied and reported an attempted robbery, just so someone would come."

      While I was drinking my soda, the truck returned. They were waiting at the stop sign again. I saw the men looking in Father's direction. They were smiling. They were toying with Father, because they knew the law. They had not committed any crime, yet.

      Maybe, there is a beast that lives inside me and it only comes out when I see red. I did not like the way they were leering at Father. I pictured their truck stalling and smoke coming from the truck's engine. Well, it happened, just like I imagined it.

      Father went back inside and told the store clerk he was leaving. I noticed the store clerk brought out his shotgun from under the counter. Father drove the car in the opposite direction, while the store clerk stood at the door holding the shotgun.

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