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In Defense of John Ford
Part 2
Compiled & Edited
By Robert D. Morningstar
Editor, UFO Digest

11:23 July 22, 2009

"The Facts According to John Ford"
By Himself

"Please read this briefing paper
and acquaint yourself with the facts and not the Police and
Psychiatrist's lies. Please photocopy this report…make
copies available to other researchers and put it on the internet
for the public to access it." --- John Ford

Comments and Reflections

By Kelly Freeman and Arthur Lehmberg

From: Kelly Freeman
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 07:32:04 -0400

EBK and List,

Here's the rest of John Ford's account surrounding his arrest.


Early in the fall of 1995 Preston Nichols and I were checking out stories that there was something strange about the East End Forest Fires of August 1995. We made a couple trips out to the locations where the Forest Fires had started outside of Riverhead near the Riverhead campus of Suffolk Community College. We searched the woods and the area near the campus area. We were looking for signs of a UFO crash or possibly according to Preston signs of a misfire of a particle beam weapon based at Brookhaven Laboratory. We even questioned a couple of residents to no avail.

A week later, I received a call from our Hypno-Therapists, Gary and Dottie Tritt, members of LIUFON, to tell me that their office receptionist had information about a UFO Crash outside Riverhead. The next day I went to their office with a concealed tape recorder and engaged the receptionist in a conversation while secretly taping it. She told me the whole story.

It seems she bought a used car from a gentleman who sells used cars in Flanders outside Riverhead. He lives near the crash site. On the day of the start of the Forest Fires, he was dirt biking near the campus when he heard something crash in the woods, something big. He proceeded thru the woods up a footpath and in a clearing discovered a Crashed UFO in the woods. He went back to his house and called his brother-in- law who was a FBI agent from the Hauppauge office. He and his brother-in-law went back to the crash site and discovered both the Air Force and the FBI there securing the location. He and his brother-in-law were taken to the FBI office in the Federal Building in Hauppauge and were questioned being sworn to secrecy.

We made overtures to the witness to talk to us but he denied everything and refused to meet with us. We had to take this as a serious situation and an actual event but without the witness we couldn't make a public comment. I did tell Joe Mazzuchelli about the event and so did Preston Nichols but it went nowhere.

About my friend "John" in the CIA: He too became a Court Officer and worked in Brooklyn with me. He became a legend in the CIA and rose to supervisor level becoming the Northeast Sector Director for Clandestine Operations for the CIA. A post he held for some 25 years before retiring from it. He went to law school, graduated becoming a law secretary to a judge and is currently employed as such.

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