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Stonehenge and the Monolith. Was Arthur C. Clarke Right?
by Carolyn S.

Posted: 11:20 July 20, 2009

Friends returned from a visit of the Ancient mysterious Stonehenge. I suggested they go there for it is something to see. Liz and Mark my dearest friends were fascinated and awed at this ancient structure. It is always good to go see these mysterious places for your self. Mark and Liz discovered something not seen in many of their tour books. They took a picture of it and sent it to me.

They believe Arthur C. Clarke's movie 2001 Space Odyssey may be more real
than fiction. They saw what appears to be a dark Monolith inside one of the deteriorating Sarsen stones.

Permission for Picture given by Liz and Mark Brown taken on their vacation.

Notice to the right lower side the dark slab with
finely cut edges inside the Sarsen stone.

In Arthur C. Clarke's movie the Monolith had been on Earth in the very dawn of mankind. Stonehenge's age goes way back to 5000 BC. How could this structure get embedded into the rock and then transported to Stonehenge? Stonehenge was used possibly as a solar and lunar calendar. Notice the light stone on the outside and the dark stone inside represents the sun and the moon. Stonehenge has stones positioned in alignment that show where the sun and moon rise at key times of the year. It's all about the sky and the stars about us.

One wonders if this is a stone tablet given to the Ancient people of Stonehenge by their gods.

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