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regan leeRegan Lee is author of the UFO blog The OrangeOrb, and has a monthly column in UFO Magazine by the same name. She is also a contributer to the Binnall of America website, writing her 'Trickster's Realm' column. Drawing on her life long relationship with UFOs and the paranormal, Regan writes about UFOs and Forteana in Oregon , her home for many decades, and is also a UFO witness and experiencer herself. Regan is also an aritst, and author of Two Oregon Tales: UFOs and Bigfoot, soon to be available as an e-book. Email Regan Lee.

My Teacher Was Abducted By Aliens: Preparation for Fake Disclosure?
by Regan Lee

Posted: 12:30 July 18, 2009

In order to facilitate creative writing in students, a school in Sussex, England staged an alien abduction.(”Our teacher’s been abducted by aliens! Pupils terrified as UFO stunt backfires.”) Complete with crashed flying saucer, debris, police, sirens, and the kidnapping of a teacher by spacemen, this “stunt” as the newspaper calls it, backfired. Parents were understandably very upset as well as furious, since they weren’t notified of the school’s plans, and many children were terrified. The students ranged in age from seven to eleven.

The idea for this staged event was created by the “Department for Children, Schools and Families and the National Literacy Trust” and the fake UFO crash and abduction’s purpose was to “find ways to take writing beyond the classroom and to provide 'exciting stimuli' for storytelling.“

One of the many things suspicious about this event is the involvement of the police, who aided in the deception:

Sussex Police set up a crime scene around the crashed craft and supplied a police constable and a community support officer for two hours to help the children produce witness statements.

Why would police resources be used this way, simply to help students in a creative writing project?

Another disturbing aspect of this fake crash landing and abduction is that the teacher who was “abducted” was the “learning support teacher” whose students include children who are autistic and have other special needs. To say this was incredibly negligent on the part of the teacher, and intentional on the part of the authorities implementing this plan is a given. As the mother of an autistic student said, of her son’s reaction to his teacher’s “abduction”:

Because she deals with the learning support kids, they're all very close to her - and I know many of them were terrified by the whole experience.

'Harry will take everything you say literally, so when he was told aliens had taken Mrs Law away and the police were investigating - and then he actually saw the police - he believed every word.'

This was intentional; the agencies responsible for putting this in motion were aware of the effects of this performance. As Lesley Gunter commented on her blog The Debris Field (and hat tip to her for the story link) “This is a very odd story and reeks of psyops.”

It absolutely “reeks of psyops” and this isn’t the first faked disaster/crisis event staged at a school, though as far as I know, it’s the first alien abduction/UFO event. In May of 2009, Scales Elementary school in Tennessee staged a gun attack on students. Staff told students it was not a drill. (Teachers stage fake gun attack on kids) This happened while on a week long field trip in a state park.

The mock gunfight terrified many students; remember, these were elementary students:

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