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The Spear of Destiny
by Lewis Brackett

Posted: 13:28 July 26, 2009

The story…… the legend…...the truth

The Biblical story is told in only two verses Matthew 27:54; 64.

The Roman governor Pilate had sent a Roman Centurion and soldiers to escort Jesus to Golgotha and to crucify him. Since a Centurion was commander of a Century or 100 men, that is likely the size of the escorting force. Pilate was taking no chances that a mob would seize Jesus and tear him to pieces, or that his followers would try to rescue him. The Bible clearly records that one of the ordinary soldiers thrust his spear into Jesus side, not the Centurion. The blood and water that poured out of Jesus side is not a miracle, but an explainable medical fact.

The Legend begins there.

There are many authors recounting the legend of the spear. Wikipedia gives a brief synopsis of the story and many references.

The book "The Spear of Destiny" by Ravenscroft gives the story of how the spear shaped the events of the 20th century through the nightmare of Hitler's Occult Reich.

The Book "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" traces both the spear and the search for the Grail down through the centuries. I have both in my library and they are extraordinary.

Most of the versions have the Centurion Longinus being the one to thrust through Jesus with his spear. Some say that As Jesus blood poured over him, the blood changed him into an immortal wanderer who has lived among us in every generation, waiting for Jesus to return. Indeed many volumes have been written about that.

There is a long list of kings and princes that have lusted to possess the spear and have shed rivers of blood to hold it in their hands. It does seem to have a mystical, occult power. Little good and much evil have been done by those who have possessed it; as it has possessed them. The ordinary man has been slain by his thousands of thousands; their Princes reigned briefly, covered by their blood. It is a true proverb that most Princes have been merely successful thugs and gangsters.

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