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Part 1

By Robert D. Morningstar
(Copyright 2006, RDM*)

"The Assassination of America"

A Special Pre-publication Offer for UFO Digest Readers to Acquire
The Definitive Work on the JFK Assassination

World-renowned scholar, investigator and philosopher, Paris Flammonde, author of "The Age of Flying Saucers," "UFO Exist" and "The Kennedy Conspiracy" has recently completed a major work, "The Assassination of America," a rebuttal to the whitewash of the murder of JFK by the Warren Commission Report.

I classify Flammonde's book in a special category called "Conspiracy Science" (as opposed to "Conspiracy Theory").

"The Assassination of America" incorporates Mr. Flammonde's own investigation over 4 decades the most recent findings uncovered through FOIA and information released by the JFK Assassination Review Board. to fill in the gaps left by the partial information and filtering the disinformation released by the House Select Committee Investigation on Political Assassinations conducted during the Carter administration.

Mr. Flammonde, spent time in New Orleans tracking down leads for District Attorney Jim Garrison, creating a friendship that continued for several years. The work is a trilogy and a triptych, a graphic investigation that will give a panoramic view and probably penultimate perception of the JFK assassination and its aftermath.

Paris Flammonde (PF) was a major creative figure in New York's Greenwich Village for twenty-five years. Among the artists and luminaries whom Flammonde has met or known are:

Joseph Heller
Tennessee Williams
Dylan Thomas
Jim Garrison
Linus Pauling
Mark Lane
James Dean
Jackie Gleason
Roy Cohen
Jacqueline Susan
The Amazing (James) Randi
Ivan Sanderson
W. H. Auden
e. e. cummings
Truman Capote
Max Bodenheim
Marianne Moore
Steve McQueen
Lennie Tristano
Pete Hamill
Corliss Lamont
Johnny Carson, et. al

Paris Flammonde knew many of the leading science fiction and fantasy writers of the mid-century: Isaac Asimov, Lester del Rey, Theodore Sturgeon, Frederick Pohl, James Blish et al. One of his short stories, "After Armageddon" was published in the legendary "Fantasy" magazine. Flammonde corresponded briefly with Sir John Gielgud and Gore Vidal when people still wrote on paper. He has had published ten books, mostly hardcover, published by major houses, for example: Stein & Day, G. P. Putnam & Sons, Meredith Press, Hawthorn, etc.

PF's "After Armageddon" appeared in the
original issue of "Fantasy" (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Two have been poetry collections--The Grey Man and The Elect Damned--, several paperbacks, with some foreign editions, published on three continents. I personally consider "The Grey Man" to be one of the great poems of the 20th Century, ranking with the works of Dylan Thomas and T. S. Eliot. I have enjoyed Mr. Flammonde's descriptions of sitting in Washington Square Park with e.e. cummings discussing "the limits of language." Flammonde, figuratively speaking, takes the English language to very edges of "The Outer Limits." In the early 1960s, after three ghosted books, came:

The Grey Man
HC/SC. Contemporary Classics. NYC 1965.
"After hearing The Grey Man again, I'm still convinced it's one of the finest poems of the century."
--- Lester del Rey, author & editor.

The Kennedy Conspiracy.
HC. Meredith Press. NYC 1969.
"The best of all the Kennedy assassination books." - Victor Lasky, syndicated columnist.

The Age of Flying Saucers
HC. Hawthorn. NYC 1971.

"An excellent history, long overdue . . .
destined to become the definitive history of flying saucers.."
The Cleveland Press.

The Living Prophets
Dell. PB. NYC 1972.
Famous Modern Psychics. Dell. PB. 1975.

The Mystic Healers
Stein & Day. HC/SC. 1974.
"One has the feeling he was there, he writes as if he was."
Chicago Tribune.

UFO Exist!
G. P. Putnam's Sons. HC/PB/

"Here is the definitive account of flying saucers (UFOs) past, present, and future."
--- Argus Leader, Souix Falls. ND.
"UFO Bist!" A German edition was published in 1976.

The Elect Damned.
The Guardsman Press.
Dublin, Ireland. 2000. SC.

The Minotaur of Washington Square.
Just completed. 600 pp. w/ songs and sketches.

During that time, Flammonde's works appeared in Harper's, Cavalier, Saturday Review, National Review, Evergreen Review, Epoch, Epos, Village Voice, Georgia Reviews and poetry in more than sixty magazines in three countries. E.g., Candelabrum (England), Westerly (Australia), etc.

During the 1950s and 60s, Flammonde became a radio producer and TV guest in New York City radio and television. He, himself, produced around 6,000 hours of New York AM talk radio as a long-time producer of the legendary "Long John Nebel Show." He also appeared as panelist and house critic, thereon, for more than 1500 hours.

During the '50 and 60s, Paris Flammonde was a guest 3 times on CBS TV's "What's My Line?", best remembered for the presence and participation of the noted columnist Dorothy Kilgallen. Flammonde also appeared twice with the sardonic and acerbic Alan Burke on WNEW-TV. He was a guest on the Barry Farber Show, Joe Franklin, The Fitzgeralds and other programs on New York radio stations.

Flammonde is an accomplished artist and has composed more than fifty original songs with some performed at Carnegie Hall, Town, and Steinway Halls in New York City. Some were recorded. Flammonde has appeared in more than twenty formal recitals and lectures, as well as more than 60 readings including recitals at Brooklyn College (City University of New York), New York University, East Stroudsburg University.

So much for the 20th Century!


To what would a "Mind" like that turn its attention to during his personal "Gotterdammerung" in the early 21st Century?

Death At The Mardis Gras.
Mixed media 1999.

Of course, Flammonde has returned to the most important world-shaking, geopolitical and historical event of the second half of the 20th Century, the JFK Assassination. During the first half of the 20th century, only "The Atomic Bomb" equals the impact made on one single day that changed the world so radically and with it, our history forever. The "fallout" is still falling.

Story continues on page 2.

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