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UFO(s) Photographed in British Columbia

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

These are the original photos taken by Mark Mann on August 20, 2006. Some guys have all the luck. Mark seems to be a magnet for UFOs. Anyway, he sent me the photos below which were 2576 (width) x 1932 (height) pixels. I have reduced them to fit the webpage.

I realize that it is hard to see but both photos seem to show two objects in the sky. One is much closer than the other and has been enlarged here.

The object which I have enlarged looks very similar to a space shuttle in design. It also may be a new experimental aircraft. Regardless, it does not resemble a traditional aircraft because the object does not appear to have wings.

Read Mark's details concerning his photographs below.

This is the first photo taken by Mark. Note the craft to the right doesn't appear to have any wings. A closeup of this object is above.
Mark shot this last photo hoping to catch the object again as it was speeding away. Note the arrow pointing to the oject close to the trees middle right in the photo. Also note the second arrow may be a second unidentified object.

While helping a friend on a moose hunt today, August 20th 2006 at about 1:30 pm I was taking random pictures of the sky when I noticed this odd object zip by.

No matter what I do in photoshop I can not see any wings on this object. Now I know it did not have wings because I was there but I like to cover all my bases as it were. I thought I missed it in the second photo before it was gone but I'm sure it is the object, as it was on the same heading, which the arrow points to. Not to sure what to make of it.

It made no sound and was moving toward the southwest. It was about 20 miles north of Ft. St. John, B.C.

To contact or comment on the above sighting, send an email to Mark Mann.

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