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UFO Photographed in Beeston, Nottingham, England

Another UFO Caught Accidentally by Digital Camera

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Photo of UFO captured in Beeston, Nottingham, England
Click on 'ZOOM' for larger image.

The original digital photo we received was 2816 pixels by 2112 pixels and the DPI was 72.

Enlargment and enhancement of Beeston UFO by Robert Morningstar

• Date: May 1, 2006
• Time of Day: 18:32
• Location: Beeston, Nottingham, England.
• Witness Account: Adrian Prior

Received an email from Adrian Prior, who lives in Chilwell Nottingham, on June 26, 2006. He and his girl friend Liz were walking his dog in Beeston, which is South-East of Nottingham, England.

They had decided to take her new digital camera and try it out. The actual photo was taken on Monday May 1, 2006 and was photographed by Liz. They stayed in this area for approximately five minutes before moving on.

map of Beeston, Nottingham, EnglandLiz was facing North. The photo as one can see is quite striking. The object to the right of the church spire is very prominent and one wonders how the object was not seen when first shot. One possible explanation is that the craft was moving so quickly the human eye could not perceive it. Another more easily acceptable reason is that the particular view finder on the camera simple didn't show the entire panormal of the scene. That is it only showed the center object in the view finder.

It is not unusual at all to see aircraft flying in the area as the air space is heavily traveled by aircraft approaching the main runway to Nottingham Airport.

Adrian emailed me today (July 11, 2006) and informed me that "I'm asking the Nature park centre to put up a notice for anyone to come forward with more information as there were lots of people around on the day, also a friend at work said something similar was in the local paper so I'm going to check that out too."

Robert Morningstar, as usual, did a great job enlarging and enhancing the above photo.

NB: For more information on the Beeston Sighting Click here.

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