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Black Eyed Kids: A Profile
by Barry Napier

Another question: If BEKs are demons or some other evil entity, why take the form of a child? Perhaps they feel that caring people would have no qualms about allowing a lost or distressed child into their home to use the phone? The idea of a needy child knocking on one's door is certainly more appealing than a strange man.

At a Glance

Whether or not you buy into the mythos of the BEK phenomena, it is certainly a topic that leaves an unsettling feeling with the reader. But the more accounts you read, it seems that there might actually be something to it all, something that gives it a bit of slight credibility rather than dismissing it as an urban legend.

In closing, here are a few things that seem to be constants in BEK reports. Whether you use this information for your interest in the subject or debunking strategies is up to you.

1. Almost all cases occur at night or late afternoon just around dusk. Is the preference of night an instinctive strategy for the BEKs? Does our instilled fear of the dark somehow assist them with their scare tactics? Or maybe it is simply easier for them to approach their target undetected while moving about in the night.

2. The need to be invited in, as stated before, certainly reminds us of vampires. And while I personally don't believe in vampires, I can easily entertain the notion that the BEKs might be evil spirits or demons. If, that is, they are real to begin with.

3. The black eyes are obviously their most striking feature. It has been argued on several forums that if the BEKs are so sinister and crafty, why don't they just wear sunglasses to cover up this demonic feature? An easy counter to this is the fact that their eyes seem to be the source of the overpowering fear that people experience. Therefore, by obstructing their eyes with sunglasses, any sort of hypnotic suggestion via eye contact would be eliminated.

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