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More UFOs Attracted by Green Laser

by Marco N

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More UFOs Attracted by Green LaserI work in visual effects professionally so even if I had a photograph to offer, it no doubt would be dismissed as a hoax.

Event Descriptions:

Location: Cootamundra, NSW, Australia
Date: December 17, 2005
Time: 10:43 PM
Witnesses: Witnesses (9) including myself and my wife.

Description: Myself, my wife and several friends (9 in total) were outside and witnessed the objects... we had driven down from Sydney to have dinner at a friend's house in Cootamundra. Present were also a police officer and a light aircraft pilot. The sky was clear and there were no nearby streetlights to obscure our sight.

I had brought with me a Celestron spotting scope which had a 1200 mm focal length and was looking at the stars to see if there was a chance to glimpse Saturn which I thought would be of interest to the others.

Looking at the sky, I was observing a bright star whilst standing in the backyard. But, as I gazed at the star, four smaller objects passed close by it from the South heading north. They were evenly spaced (about 2/3 the diameter of the moon in terms of distance between each object). The four objects travelled in a perfectly straight line, one behind the other.

Actual laser Marco shoots into the air at UFOs
Actual laser Marco shoots into the air at UFOs
I ran to my wife and told her there were "UFO's in the sky, same as the last time, come quick!" and she joined me in the open yard. Others heard my words and within a few seconds, everyone was with me asking what and where the UFOs were. I carry two 532nm (green) lasers with me and used a 10mW laser to point out the four slowly moving objects to our friends. All were immediately captivated by the four evenly spaced objects slowly passing almost overhead.

Having seen satellites in the sky before, I am convinced that these objects were travelling at a height above the 60 mile height since they were reflecting sunlight and the time was 10:43 PM in the evening. They were the same magnitude of brightness as a dim star and did not flash or emit any further light.

I then took out a second but much stronger laser (110mW-150mW - will burn rubber and dark materials up close) which has a supposed range of between 55-60miles and directed the very bright beam directly at the lead object and tracked the object.

It was agreed by those in our group that these were NOT aircraft and there was no concern regarding issues of safety due to the immense distances involved between our location and the objects. After 2 seconds of directing the beam at the first object, the two objects to the rear immediately fell back and decreased speed. After perhaps 4 seconds, they immediate sped up and fell back into formation. The line of lights then began to change course and took up an Eastern direction in a very gradual arc.

I then turned the laser on again and directed it at the second last object and it promptly vanished from the formation altogether. For a moment it appeared to become dimmer and then it vanished entirely. By now I was aware that I had not attempted to photograph the objects. I had my camera with me (a 'Canon Pro 1' 8MP Digital camera) which had run out of power earlier in the night but I had given my wife the backup battery to put in her purse...and my wife had a Canon EOS 30e 35 mm film camera with her.

My wife ran to get my spare battery whilst I led everyone back to my car to get my tripod and to set up the camera. With the right delay in the exposure, I suspected that I might be able to capture the trail of the four objects against the stars.

By now, I'd handed the lower powered laser to others to point out to me where the objects were as I set up the camera in the middle of the street. They turned on the laser to help me see where they were in the sky.

The dogs next door were barking but it was likely at us since the objects were too far away. By the time my wife had returned to me with a fresh battery, the objects were closer to the horizon and had become too faint to be photographed.

My wife spotted what looked like a satellite heading across the sky in the same path (but opposite direction) to the four objects we had seen. Other than this, the sky quickly became cloudy and the moon rose which made it hard to see anything as clearly.

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