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New Evidence: the Kinross UFO Incident
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

The search area surrounded the point where the radar signature of the F-89c had disappeared.
Jimenez describes the unknown as, "The object that the F-89 collided with is metallic and plowed into the lake bed in a similar manner as the F-89 south of the aircraft wreckage. The object bears a strike mark that matches a hole where the port side wing of the F-89 used to be (this supports the collision theory). We are a little baffled by the actual physics of the crash though...if you can imagine a plane colliding with another object and a wing shearing away, it seems as though the plane would spin out of control and disintegrate on the surface of the lake. Also, the plane is in deep water, yet appears to be plowed into the lake bed, how could the plane (or object for that matter) maintain enough power to accomplish this. I'm telling you this because we don't have all of the answers to this mystery yet. Our best guess is that the collision took place at or near sea level at relatively low speed. This scenario would preserve most of the aircraft structure, but still doesn't account for the plowing. We do have side scans of the object, and are currently discussing the possibility of releasing them."

There has been a lot of discussion within the team about the mystery object... but without ROV footage, it is very hard to determine what exactly it is. It is not a part of the F-89, and does not appear to be a part off of another is simply a mysterious object.

But like all great quests this one has hit a snag!

"2006 began as an ambitious project season for us, we were looking forward to further work at the F-89 site", said Jimenez . He added, "Then we received some bad news. The Canadian government refused to allow us to use our ROV at the wreck site without first providing them the GPS coordinates of the site and allows either a Coast Guard escort or government official to accompany the expedition. We were stuck, we don't want to give up the site (especially because of the object, and it's potentially huge significance) but we need stay on the good side of the Canadians due to our Gunilda project which involves a lot of other contributors."

"So as it stands now, we have just issued a letter to the Canadian government essentially abandoning work on the F-89 site this season", sums up Jimenez.

The company plans to produce a feature length documentary of the search and discovery of the F-89 and its mysterious companion.

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