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Invisible UFOs Follow Plane

by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Invisible UFOs Follow Plane
Unknown lights accompany passenger plane.
Several people flying from the Russian town of Volgograd to Moscow witnessed several unusual flying objects outside their plane. This strange occurrence happened on August 17, 2006.

One of the passengers was Eugenia Kazarinova. She was photographing the beautiful countryside and took several shots with her digital camera. Only when she was examining the photos did she notice strange lights in them that she had not seen before.

Excitedly, she showed her follow passengers. They in turn, grabbed their cameras and camera phones and started taking pictures. Many of these photos also showed the strange lights!

Panic was setting in as the passengers realized that the strange lights were not another plane and were not visible to the naked eye.

Aviation experts are discounting the photos as tricks of light or simply reflections of the plane itself.

The passengers are not convinced and believe that they were part of an unknown phenomenon involving UFOs!

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