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Michael Horn's
'The Meier Contacts'

by Alfred Lehmberg
(Copyright 2007, Alfred Lehmberg - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 19:30 August 6, 2007

I originally started this piece with no small trepidation... but then I remembered that the following is dismissed entirely by Kal (triple 'K') Korff with some real energy and vitality, so there is a good chance that there might be something to it, after all.

I should let everyone know near the start of this review that I'm not trying to irritate serious Ufologists like Richard Hall or Jerry Clark ...or a host of other sincere persons down firmly on the side of the fence they feel they should be down on... and comfortable there... These gentlemen, in particular, have recently shown me some respect and collegiality, and I'm loath to disappoint them in a casual way. I apologize in advance though I'm sure everyone understands I just have some questions (and observations regarding same) here... Why, a few rational and constructive words from learned readers should put me aright, straight away! LOL!

But seriously, I'm not an ideologue; I don't "have to" believe, I just can. A discerning reader appreciates the difference. Above all else, I want the real deal, eh?

One is always hearing things about a specific individual, an individual well known in the ufological community, an individual who has had his facts dragged back and forth over the credulity line so hard, so often, and for so long, now, that even metaphors in his regard have become hopelessly smudged, indeterminate and indistinct. Additionally, another gentleman has stepped forward in an apparent bona fide attempt to clarify that line once more. That man is Michael Horn.

The line to be *clarified* is the, decidedly interesting, Billy Meier. The review to be considered concerns Michael Horn's DVD presentation on the "state of the art" that is one Eduard Albert Meier.

The decidedly unlikely Meier arouses, still (after 40 years!), equal passions on both sides of the ufological fence. Few ufological occurrences have been so diligently and passionately investigated, attacked, and passionately debunker-ized as the indefatigable saga of this aging Swiss farmer. Still, after all the sturm and drang, the passionate pleas, and furious invalidations... there remains Billy Meier, grinning happily like a seemingly unwhackable whack-a-mole from his surprisingly unassailable hole. What provokes the continued interest in this very usual and un-presupposing gentleman?

I can't, shouldn't, and won't (shan't!) suggest any verity for Billy Meier -- a benign separatist (?) who lives on a commune (?) amongst like-minded persons (?), a person heartily denounced by critics exponentially less canted and more acceptable than "Triple'K'" (?), a person repudiated by one close family member (estranged wife) as a total charlatan (?), a person offering the most inexplicable testimony and even prophesy regarding same (?).

Burned and shy... (a pox on culpable liars of any stripe for encouraging same!), one becomes reluctant to put their full weight on the next stone across the paranormal pond. I can't qualify Billy Meier, but I can; however, retain the capacity to be intrigued by recent claims in his decades old case! Let's explore.

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