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Mount Washington UFO
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

17:05 August 20, 2007

Received the following eyewitness account from Jeffrey Green today, August 20, 2007. The photo upon closer inspection definitely appears metallic and oval.

Description and Date of incident: Image of UFO taken at Mt. Washington in New Hampshire at 14:47:24 on June 20, 2007. Second image taken at 14:47:27, three seconds later in an attempt to get another shot, shows UFO has disappeared from view.

Location: Photos taken from the parking lot of the Mt. Washington visitor center on Rte. 16 in New Hampshire, looking west towards the entrance of the Mt. Washington auto road.

"This is a photo of a UFO I took at Mt. Washington in June while standing in the parking lot of the visitor's center where the auto road to the top of the mountain begins. I was taking pictures of the mountains when I noticed this object flying around erratically and I attempted to get a couple of shots of it."

"After I took the photos I completely forgot about them because at the time I didn't have any thought of a UFO on my mind. I didn't load or look at any of my vacation photos in my notebook PC until returned to Maine in early August. When I got to look at this one, I suddenly remembered why I took the shot and zoomed in on the object to see if I could make out what it was I had seen. Imagine my surprise."

Jeff Green

Note: I did not create or edit this photo and I challenge anyone to prove that it's been edited. I have not tried to get money for it in spite of others telling me I should try to sell it. This photo is the real McCoy and has not been resized either. It's exactly as I took it with my Canon A540 PowerShot camera. The original images are still on my SD chip.

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