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John MilorJohn Milor is an author of several books, and radio talk show guest for numerous programs, including the Art Bell show. His interest in understanding paranormal phenomenon began at the age of five after hearing his great grandmother’s tale of seeing a UFO hovering over the plains of Kentucky during broad daylight, shortly following the turn of the century. This story, as well as numerous otherworldly encounters of his own, fueled his quest of the unknown. His life literally became an episode of the X-Files on a number of occasions, when he reached the age of twenty one, and was visited by none other than Jesus Christ, in a vision. Since that time, Milor has become a born again Christian, yet continues to investigate paranormal phenomenon, now with a Bible in one hand, and research documentation in the other hand. John has earned two Associates degrees and a Bachelor degree in Business, and works as a Master Sergeant in the Air National Guard. He lives with his family in Fresno, California. All are invited to visit his website to read all his books; they are posted online in their entirety for free reading: Milor operates a MySpace website @, and welcomes emails as well:

Angels Unawares, or Unaware Angels?
by John W. Milor

Posted: 00:40 August 19, 2008

After my sister got married to her first husband, she and he moved to an island planted right in the middle of the Mississippi river. For anyone that’s never been to the Mississippi river, it’s BIG! The river was wide on both sides of the island, and the island itself was about 8 miles wide. I went there once with my mother and brother, to visit Sharon during Christmas time. We took a ferry across the river to the island, and then had to ride on a trailer pulled by an old farm tractor just to get to my sister’s house.

The island where she and James lived was used by a hunting club. My sister and her husband lived in a shack next to the dining facility for the hunting club, and they had only one other neighbor on the entire island, who lived a few miles away. The place was completely isolated.

I never saw anything out of the ordinary when I was there, but my sister certainly did. She said that she thought the island might have been used as a military outpost during the Civil War. Many battles had been fought throughout the region, and countless numbers of soldiers had undoubtedly been killed there. Musket balls could be found in some of the trees on the island.

With that in mind, she said that one day while she and James were having a picnic they heard an enormous explosion that shook the ground. Their neighbor didn’t have anything to do with it. They never did find out what it was. This was a relatively tame incident, however, when compared to the man in a blue uniform that waltzed into their living room.

It was dark, and there was a snowstorm outside; mud was thick on the ground. Sharon was busy in the kitchen cooking dinner. James was sitting on the living room couch cleaning his rifle. He had it broken down into its various components, and was madly working away on it when suddenly the front door opened up. By the time he looked up, a man dressed in a blue military uniform had walked through the front door and right into the center of the living room. He paused and looked around inspecting the premises, then cupping his jaw, peered at James with a sideways glance.

Aside from the unusual uniform, he looked like a normal human being, just as real and solid as anyone. He was a white male with blond hair and blue eyes. Oddly, he appeared to recognize the fact that something wasn’t right. When he came to this realization, he then squared his gaze at James, and with an impish expression of “Oopse,” smiled, quaintly waved at James while raising an eyebrow, then proceeded to turn around and walk right back outside.

James was pale with astonishment. Sharon peeked around the corner from the kitchen just in time to see the man’s boot pass through the front door and then close the door.

Knowing that they were the only ones on the island aside from a reclusive neighbor, and also knowing the futility of running around on the island, especially during a snow storm–in the dark, they wanted to know who in the world that was! Sharon turned to James. He looked as if he’d just had a frontal lobotomy.

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