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UFO Sighting At Bridgnorth?
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 18:00 August 19, 2008

Name: Dave (last name withheld)
Email Address: Email address withheld
Location: Bridgnorth, Shropshire, England
Date: Sunday August 10, 2008
Time: 12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
Weather: Hot sunny day with very few clouds
Camera: Kodak Z740

Bridgnorth UFO

I received an email from Dave who lives in Bridgnorth, which is in the town of Shropshire, close to the West Midlands, England.

Dave describes his sighting:

On Sunday 10/08/08 I was taking some photo's of the castle ruins at Brigenorth and didn't notice anything unusual at the time but when I printed them out the following day it became clear that I had taken a photo of something travelling at speed which would explain why it appears blurred.

Auto Contrast



I have analyzed the photo and to the best of my knowledge it appears to be of a solid object that does not have the characteristics of helicopters, balloons or birds. But it could be an airplane.

What is unusual about this photo is that if it is a UFO it was taken in daylight. Years past the majority of UFOs were almost all night shots. But today, more and more photographs are being caught in the light of day. As I have mentioned previously I believe these objects are only being seen because of the technological breakthrough that resulted in the digital camera.

Note: that the object seems to have a shadow under it. This would on its face appear to be a characteristic not found in UFO photos. My only conclusion, other the fraud, is that the shadow area is in fact an energy signature or dimensional distoration.

I have used various Adobe Photoshop filters to enhance the photograph including: equalize, auto contrast and variations. The results can be seen in the right column. Enlargements of the photograph could show a shimmer surrounding the object or it could be distortion because of the distance and speed of the object..

In the equalized photo enhancement we discover a solid core, or a core substantially different in density, temperature, from the rest of the object.

Read Malcolm J. Brenner analysis: UFOs Sighted At Bridgnorth New Evidence

Also see in all enhancements what appears to be a tail toward the back-left side of the object. Since the object hasn't (or doesn't appear to have) wings, I find it hard to believe that this object would be a rudder. It almost reminds me of the Avrocar.

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