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Jannice Fadely Jannice Fadely was born and raised on a ranch in Holland, Oregon. She prefers to live in the country even though right now lives in town due to ongoing medical issues. Having been always curious about everything she has spent her life studying everything from the Qabalah to quantum physics. She has an AA in accounting, two years of electronic technology, Emergency Medical Technician intermediate, hospice, mountaineering and self taught in sciences as well as investigative methodology for the paranormal. She remembers seeing and hearing things that no one else saw or heard and instead of being afraid she always asked why. You can email Jannice at

President Bush and UFOs
by Jannice Fadely
(Copyright 2008, Jannice Fadely - All Rights Reserved)

15:12 August 4, 2008

I am a Mufon field investigator and I recently investigated a sighting that occurred on Oct. 15, 2004 close to Jacksonville, Oregon, when President Bush was visiting the town.

The two witnesses are both well educated trained observers.

One of the witnesses was a retired petty officer who had never seen a ufo prior to this sighting. He is a trained observer and has been on several TV and radio shows. He has excellent credentials. He verified everything the woman described in her report.

The other witness has seen multiple sightings in the same area. She was a business woman until ill health forced her to stop work.

On October 15, 2004 at 1:45 a.m. Friday morning the woman was going to bed and noticed an orange light that at first that she thought was a fire but after watching if for a minute realized it was an orange saucer flying behind her home, coming from the north flying southeast.

She yelled to her house guest who was in bed in his bedroom that she had seen a ufo fly close by. The house guest and the woman ran outside into the back yard for a better look at the craft.

Following the solid saucer was a F-15 fighter jet. The saucer was the same size as the jet, approximately 63 feet in length. The saucer with the jet following it made a loop around Grants Pass Peak and headed back towards Jacksonville, OR where Bush was staying.

On the first loop it was one saucer and one jet, on the second loop it was one saucer and one jet. On the next loop there were two saucers and two jets. On the third loop there were three saucers and three F-15s making the loop from Grants Pass Peak and back toward Jacksonville OR.

Every half hour the saucers would come back as if circling a certain area in a set pattern.

Ann thought she would have never have experienced anything like this in her life time.’ It was awesome! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I laughed when the military jet was chasing after the saucer and it got really close to it and then the saucer took off so fast that no way could the jet keep up. GOD that was funny as hell.’

The saucers with the jets chasing them were going towards Jacksonville OR, the town President Bush was in and flew back again. This continued to happen for over six hours with the time intervals getting shorter. The loops started out at half an hour, went down to 20 minutes, then 15 minutes and then 10 minutes.

At one point they saw a fighter jet refueling in the sky.

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