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UFO Skeptics Throw in the Towel!
How Did Meier Beat NASA by 32 Years?

by Michael Horn
(Copyright 2008, Michael Horn)

Posted: 17:11 August 4, 2008

Photo of Billy Meier

Meier foretold water discovery on Mars in 1976; Larry King show deluged with requests to cover the Billy Meier UFO case!

The subject of UFOs is no longer just fodder for the tabloids, as several recent Larry King TV shows indicate. Though primarily dominated by discussions about sightings of lights in the sky, and perennial dead-end conjecture about Roswell, the recent shows have engaged viewers everywhere.

They also coincide with increased worldwide attention being once again focused on the highly controversial Billy Meier UFO contacts in Switzerland, due to the release of the new film on the case, "The Silent Revolution of Truth" (, and the newest scientific corroboration for Meier's prophetic information.

While NASA's announcement on July 31, regarding proof of the discovery of water on Mars, excited scientists, Meier had already been informed about water on the red planet - on July 8, 1976. (English language translations of this information, available since 1986, were also published by Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens, USAF Ret., in 1993, in Volume 3 of Message from the Pleiades. The four-book series, now out of print, collector's items, are available as ebooks

Skeptics Defeated:
Renewed international interest in Meier's claims of personal contacts with extraterrestrial humans, for over 66 years, also coincides with the total collapse of the skeptical challenges. Chief among those who have long characterized Meier's stunning photographic, film and video evidence as merely "an easily duplicated hoax done with models", has been the international professional skeptics organizations CFI-West and IIG, affiliated with skeptical debunker James Randi.

Shortly after the release of "The Silent Revolution of Truth" the lead case investigator for IIG, Derek Bartholomaus, was forced to retract his own claims (included in the Special Features section of the film) that Meier used model trees and UFOs to help hoax his clear, daytime UFO photos, films and video from the mid-1970s ( Bartholomaus and CFI-West/IIG were completely unable to provide even one photograph as evidence of any model tree or model UFO to support their premise, despite having had seven years to do so. The skeptics had stubbornly pinned all their hopes on the model theory, as no personal computers, PhotoShop, digital effects, etc. were available to anyone, let alone a Swiss farmer, at the time that Meier presented his evidence.

Bartholomaus and the skeptics took another devastating blow when Uncharted Territory, the Academy Award-winning special effects company (for Independence Day) rebuffed his request for support for his model theories, instead clearly describing one of Meier's UFO films as "hard to achieve, very hard, probably even impossible to fake this kind of shot." (

Meier's U.S. representative, Michael Horn then took the fight back to Bartholomaus, challenging him to prove his claim that Meier had used models to hoax a highly dramatic film segment ( Horn, who's researched the case for 30 years, said that there were only two possibilities for use of a model and that he was prepared to unequivocally demolish either argument.

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