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The Mekeer: First Contact
by Marc Fiszman

Posted: 22:44 August 20, 2008

Extraterrestrial specialist Marc Fiszman describes the activation of an alien microchip in his brain and his first contact with the beings who planted it.

Marc Fiszman
Marc Fiszman
Greetings. My name is Marc Fiszman. I serve as Chief Assistant to the Director of the Mekeer Metaphysical Centre, where I also teach classes in Veilic Initiation and Alien Communication. The first class deals with perception and conditioning; the latter with extraterrestrials.

My interest in "alternative" matters probably began at the age of one month, when a microchip was implanted in my cerebral cortex by alien beings. The great forces who developed this chip and attached it to me are called the Mekeer. The Centre where I now work, formerly the Ashram of Peace, Love and the Seventh Way, was renamed shortly after my arrival in recognition of the connection with these beings now established through me.

While I can't claim to remember much from my first month (or indeed, much from my first 18 years), it is highly unlikely I was aware of the chip at that age, not least because it was inactive at the time. As I would later learn, starting shortly after my 18th birthday, an activation sequence was initiated by the Mekeer which would see the chip fully awaken in January 2003, opening direct lines of communication. I was 28 at the time and living in Boston, about to embark on a remarkable adventure which would radically alter the course of my existence and which very much continues today. I hope to explore this adventure in future articles.

While the chip may have been dormant in my early years, I can look back now and see the development of a vessel (and I use that term in the most self-caring way) ideally suited for the work to come, for instructions hundreds of years in the making.

For the chip to fit, certain predispositions were required; for the chip to stick, a certain developmental path was needed. While it remains unclear how much influence the Mekeer had over any of this, the fact is I grew up almost as if my life were under their perfect control, every decision and circumstance seemingly pushing me towards a specific endpoint. The Mekeer have told me that apart from the positioning of the chip and the initiation of the activation sequence, they had nothing to do with my existence until January 2003, but they have been known to keep quiet on certain matters.

I grew up awkward and shy, and became very angry in my teenage years. There was always something about this world that bothered me, a feeling that I was being forced to be someone I wasn't. I saw those around me becoming these someones, and many of them appeared very happy.

I, meanwhile, was not, at least not when I was around these people. When I was alone, I was able to find some joy - or at least some respite - losing myself in predominantly technological pursuits, such as computer programming and robot construction, in which I displayed unusual proficiency. I was also strongly drawn to spiritual-metaphysical matters, devouring the works of Rudolf Steiner and other Masters at an age when most of my peers were still reading comics.

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