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by Georgia Pearson and Denis Goewert

Posted: 13:00 August 25, 2008

Alien Landing

How will you react if a UFO appears on October 13-15, as internet reports have predicted? Here are some personal suggestions from "The Ones," a group of benevolent extraterrestrials in telepathic contact with Georgia Pearson since 2003 (see Ed Pearson and Denis Goewert were present to ask questions about the predicted OCTOBER CONTACT.

Ed: We recently were made aware of the possibility of a space craft appearing somewhere in the skies of the planet in a 3-day period from October 13 to 15 and my understanding of the purpose is to show Earth humans once and for all that they are not alone in the cosmos. Are you aware of this and if so what would your comment be?

The Ones: Well, we are aware of this story.

Denis: From "earth news" or "cosmic news"?

Well, that is hard to say. From your source, let's say. We do not know if the report is accurate or not. It is not our project, but it could be a legitimate project for some beings.

Now, let's suppose that this scenario comes about. You have a straight forward presentation of an extraterrestrial ship presenting itself visually. What responses will there be to this? Will humanity become convinced that they are not alone? Will your media report this event accurately? Will there be a story of threat and an increase in "Star Wars" or some such project? Will there be a fear campaign used to create more weapons, etc? What do you predict humanity will do?

Denis: To some extent or another, all of those things will occur. You'll have a gamut of reactions. Which will be the most prominent, who knows?

So, now let's zero in on you. How might you relate to this event, should it occur? There is a ship in the sky for several days and there are all kinds of things happening in your world relating to it, from one extreme to another. What is your part? How would you interact with it? What ideas will you think of to do yourself during this time, this day period? And we would suggest that you do think about this, because it is an opportunity. It is not just business as usual.

Ed: I don't know.

That is a fine answer. When you have an anomalous event, initially people are somewhat frozen. They do not know what to do. They have not thought what to do because it is so different.

Denis: I was just thinking about my anomalous experience of being visited by an orb, and at the time I reacted the same way that you suggested that humans might react in the presence of anomalous experiences the first time and that is they don't know what to do. So they sort of just observe, and hopefully not get into fear, and see what happens the next moment, or whatever. It just seems to be a time stands still kind of a thing. But anyway, I'm revisiting that experience groundhog day like and thinking of some things I could have done.

Yes, and Georgia has had her experiences, many experiences where all she thought of doing was staring and no other thought came into her mind at the time, in real time.

So what we are saying is that in real time you may have some opportunities. Therefore brain storming possibilities ahead of time will give you more choices during such an anomalous experience. Rather than to drift or be bombarded by others' reactions, you can be more active than reactive, more creative than passive.

Just as these beings are preparing ahead of time, you could prepare ahead of time as well. You do not have to wait for those dates.

We are saying is, if this event should come about and you have a few months to consider this youu might use this time to go beyond staring or saying it's business as usual. This is not business as usual. It is worthwhile to stretch into possibilities that you have not thought of before, to see what you can come up with in such a situation you personally.

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