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Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris writes about people, places, and things pertaining to "Alien Civilizations Exist!" She is a believer and supporter of the future and the accepts that other solar systems and ascended beings exist! She believes that we are not alone in this universe and that we are being visited by other beings more sophisticated than ourselves. She would be glad to speak on the subject and why she believes so strongly. You can read her articles and books. Visit her websites: and Email Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris.

Seeing A Real ET UFO
Physically and Mentally

by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

Posted: 16:05 August 8, 2008

There are many people on earth who do not get to see or share in the “UFO Phenomena.” For whatever reason, they cannot see these extraterrestrial spacecraft. There can be many reasons.

There are some concerns that need to be shared and discussed in the ET UFO community and this includes organizations like Mutual UFO Network or MUFON.

The main concern I have is that people are confusing physical real ET UFOs with those that are imagined or thought of as other than physical matter. When I write my articles, I want all my readers and friends to know I am speaking of a physical reality type made of another alloy other than what is used on earth. I have physically seen and been on an ET UFO on more than one occasion. I have reasons for not sharing all my experiences and most have no need to know all my experiences.

However, I do feel I can share some simply because there needs to be some basic knowledge of what is being seen on earth and in the sky above earth that is considered real physical ET UFOS and not some imagined or that people see on television or in movies. Also, there are people wanting me to explain multidimensional worlds simply because I have seen real ET UFOS and know some extraterrestrials.

I have my suspicions but until I have solid proof or have some real experiences, I cannot write about anything except speculation and stories that I have heard about or have been told to me. I prefer to speak in the first person about what I know and have experienced.

I suggest that we develop some base guidelines and the UFO Digest is a good place to do this. Dirk Vander Ploeg has spent much time developing a place where people can find stories not told just anywhere and the name of his magazine and website uses UFO in the main description.

Thanks to Dirk, I have become much more aware of earth and it’s inhabitants. I have also learned that there are many types of people and may ways that people think about UFOS.

One reason is that there are many forms of matter that have energy on earth that cannot be seen for various reasons. One way to describe this is with the scatomas of the mind.

There is a part of the brain that has the ability to see what is projected onto the eyes but, if one does not understand or recognize what it sees, there are ways for the mind to dismiss the matter. If one is interested in learning more about seeing ET UFOS, please refer to psychology and learning about the scatomas of the mind. One can research the word scatomas on the Internet. One way to train your mind is to see certain black and white cards that seem to hide what is in a picture. One that comes to my mind is the one that looks like a pretty woman wearing a Victorian hat. Some people look at the same picture and see an old ugly woman with a big nose.

There are also some people who are emailing me their ideas of what they have seen. Some share their observations and sightings. Others try to convince me that they are seeing one-dimensional ships not of this time and world.

The ET UFO spacecraft that I refer to is very much real, in this world, in this timeframe, and in this reality. I experience these spacecraft not of earth origin in real form and know that they are real just not of earth.

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