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“Strange Waves”

The Letter of the Week
from Dave Y

A USO Report from Michigan

Posted: 00:00 August 6, 2008

Photo Facsimile by RDM*

Received August 4, 2008.


My name is Dave, on Saturday, August 2nd, my wife, son and I were fishing about half way on the south side of cross dike and the end of the land that separates the mouth of the Detroit river and Livingston channel as it empties into western end of lake Erie (near Sugar Island).

We fished around that area for several hours along that stretch of water finally ending up fairly close to where we started in about 11 feet of water right on boarder of Michigan and Canadian waters. I was baiting my perch rig and above my line of vision as I was looking upon my hook and minnow I saw and heard a disturbance about 40 feet or so away from us toward shore.

The disturbance was immediately followed by waves of at least four feet, very close together and they were coming directly at us from starboard side on diagonal thankfully, I was anchored both bow and stern, as these waves hit the boat they had much force, amazingly, for only traveling a very short distance. I did take on some water but thankfully not enough to cause grave danger. As I stated, “It could have been worse had they hit us directly from the side and not on a diagonal.”

As I saw these waves coming, I said to my wife “What the hell is that?”

She replied: “A big boat must have gone by…”


There was no boat under way from my line of vision anywhere close.

This disturbance was probably about 30-40 foot long with aeration bubbles through the center just as if a boat went by, but there was no boat and it was only about 30-40 foot long!?

I don't know what the H@%L caused this but your site caught my attention so I thought I'd tell my story. I was very taken back for several minutes after the occurrence as it could have been much more traumatic if our boat would have capsized.

I appreciate any feedback from anyone that could have possible thoughts regarding this matter. Thanks again!


Dave Y.
Flat Rock, MI

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