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Cloud passing behind UFO
by Dirk Vander Ploeg

Posted: 12:30 August 15, 2008

Name: Kathy
Email Address:
Location: Tallebudgera Valley, Qld, Australia
Date: August 1, 2008
Time: 11.30 a.m.
Weather: Cloudy with partial clearing
Camera: Canon EOS 400D

Note that the cloubs are behind the object.


Variation Tool

I received an email from Kathy of Tallebudgera Valley, Qld, Australia. She was kind enough to use our submission form in the left-hand column and included several photographs.

Kathy describes her sighting:

I had just purchased a new telescopic lens for my camera, an EF 70-300mm, with Image Stabilizer, for a Canon EOS 400D, and went outside to test it out.

The clouds had a lovely rainbow shimmer to them ( it was approx 11.30am) so started taking photos of them. I noticed to the side of a cloud a bright shiny object. I initially thought it was a plane, until I realized after watching for a while, I wasn't tracking it with the camera, it didn't get bigger or smaller, it just didn't move.

I then assumed it must be a star, until the cloud came over and passed BEHIND it. I watched the object for approx 20 minutes and it did not move, even though the clouds were moving all around it.

It was not visible to the naked eye, only through the telescopic lens, and when I took my eye away from the viewfinder to call my son out, I couldn't find it again.

I went inside and downloaded the photos to the computer, it looks just like a star, but when zoomed in you can see it has colour and form. I have taken numerous photos of this, both in front of the cloud and in the clear sky, and you can definitely see that it is metallic with the sun glinting off it. I have sent these photos to two Australian UFO research facilities but they can not tell me what it is.

If you have an opinion as to what the object is please either me or Kathy.

Object appears as a bright light.




I have analyzed the photos and to the best of my knowledge they appear to be of a solid object that does not have the characteristics of aircraft, helicopters, balloons or birds.

I have used various Adobe Photoshop filters to enhance the photographs including: equalize, auto contrast and variations. The results can be seen below the two photographs. Enlargements of the photographs show a shimmer surrounding the object. I believe this may show an energy field or trans-dimensional waves.

Kathy is totally correct in that whatever the object is it is absolutely below or in front of the clouds.

Since the object was clearly visible through Kathy's telephoto lens and remained stationary for some 20 minutes we can logically conclude that the object was not, as stated above, an aircraft, helicopter, balloon or bird.

I can't tell Kathy exactly what it is, except that it fits the definition of a UFO (unidentified flying object).

If you are lucky enough to photograph an UFO or other paranormal object please let us know and we'll publish it here.

Please note all photographs are Copyright 2008 Kathy.

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