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Tony R. Elliott is an established writer with articles in American Chronicle, Fate Magazine, Divine Caroline and various publications of differing topics. His new book titled Aura Visions: The Origin's Prophecy is available at his website He was a Political Commentary Columnist for the Cimarron News Press in Cimarron, New Mexico from 2001 to 2003 generating the controversy for which he was hired. He also was a regular writer for several small coastal newspapers in Southern Oregon during the early 1990s. He has a broadcasting degree from KCDZ Radio in Joshua Tree, California, 2000. He has been involved in entertainment since the 70's with stand up comedy acts, television appearances for charities in California and New Mexico. He is also a Gourmet Chef with over 20 years experience in the business and specializing in French, Italian, Mexican, International, American Ethnic and Seafood. He has won several awards in sanctioned cooking competitions. He has had a successful run at owning 50s style restaurants in California during the 1990s. He is a food chemist that can blend anything to an outcome of superb taste. You can email Tony at

Our Extraterrestrial Roots
by Tony Elliott

Posted: 17:32 August 10, 2009

Saturn's Moon Mimas
Since the Viking missions to Mars beginning in 1976 we have witnessed credible evidence of the existence of ancient civilizations on not only Mars but also anomalies resembling manufactured structures, roads, and mysterious objects, which seem to move about on their own on the moon. Saturn's mysterious moon Mimas, which has, features resembling the Star Wars "Death Star" have an appearance of a completely constructed sphere rather than anything natural. These finds have been public knowledge for several years and the Martian Structures have been known for decades. The only reason we as a civilization have not concluded that we are not alone in the universe or perhaps are descendants from an ancient civilization is because the truth is constantly being denied and covered up by the U.S. Government .Its fear that if such information were to become common knowledge, the very fabric of human society would unravel into one which no longer needs big brother looking out for them. This is the whole crux of disclosure.

Our very core belief system of religion, politics, geopolitical ideals of boundaries and commerce would suddenly be changed into a society of one world civilization without any of the limits we currently have set for ourselves in terms of individuality resulting in separation of all kinds.

The very idea of pride in race, national origin, and ethnic heritage would be out the window and replaced with the realization that we are a civilization whose nucleus is of one society with roots reaching out millions of interstellar light years into the cosmos.

The evidence of intelligent habitation seen on the moon and Mars are examples of our extraterrestrial roots. The monuments of our past will be explored when we reach the point of intelligence where we will be capable of physically studying them.

The asteroid belt, which exists between Mars and Jupiter, may well have been a planet eons ago but met with such a cataclysmic event that the whole planetoid sphere was reduced to mere gravel which extends the entire rotation path around the sun. This missing planet's demise is the reason for the Martian migration to Earth.

The Southern Hemisphere of Mars is heavily cratered while the Northern Hemisphere is virtually free of craters. This suggests a barrage of space rocks peppered the planet within a very short period contrary to belief in the scientific community that a single asteroid impacted the planet's Southern Hemisphere. Whether the planet's demise was a natural event or intelligent design remains to be seen. Either way it was sufficient to destroy most of the Martian atmosphere and disperse most of the water in its oceans into space.

This event prompted many Martian citizens to move to the next inhabitable planet, which is Earth. The Martians more than likely had plenty of time prior to the catastrophe and were able to relocate large numbers of people to their new home.

In that time the Earth was a very different planet than it is today with most of Europe under thousands of feet of Arctic ice while the continent of Antarctica was a place thriving with life situated near the tropics.

Antarctica was the focal point for the relocation of the Martian people. So begins the history of the continent of Atlantis.

Most accounts of the civilization of Atlantis put the continent in the Atlantic Ocean. In a world where the Antarctica continent was near the tropics rather than at the South Pole, it would be understandable that people would consider it situated in the Atlantic.

The destruction of the continent of Atlantis was the result of an axis shift. This shift placed Atlantis at its present location in the South Pole. The axis shift itself was responsible for the earthquakes, volcano eruptions and flooding which were responsible for the destruction, which took place on the continent.

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