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Mary Alice Bennett is an archaeological restoration artist who lives in the Sonoran desert near the border with Mexico. As an art history student, she has had a life-long fascination with Leonardo DaVinci and also with studying the ancient mysteries. Since her church has a long tradition about Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Dan Brown book was not new information to her. "The DaVinci Code" aside, here are more clues in the work of Leonardo to ponder. Email Mary Alice Bennett.

Manta UFOs Sighted Over Rio Puerco, New Mexico July 19, 2009
by Mary Alice Bennett
Posted: 12:00 August 25, 2009

Above is an awesome enhancement from John Scheldroup.

Along with the tape of a UFO overcoming and disappearing with an Air-Force jet over Tucson, Arizona this month August 8, 2009; Manta-Ray type craft were seen in New Mexico three weeks prior to this event. As a Tucson resident who lives near Davis-Monthan Air force Base in Tucson, I see the same roof-tops, power-lines, and jets every day - the same elements that appear on the UFO/Jet video. Aircraft from around the world come here to fly during the winter and summer months. Our desert resembles the Middle East and it gives the pilots experience with desert flying.

The same day that I saw the Tucson tape, I received a letter from a resident of Austin, Texas who had been camping in New Mexico and had the following sighting:

"I am writing to you because I have been attempting to come to a further understanding concerning a sighting of a Manta- Ray looking UFO in the Rio Puerco valley in N.M. My two friends and I co-witnessed these intelligent seeming craft/entities as low as maybe 1000 ft or so with multi- colored strobing lights on the bottom. It was at night and we were camping out. I am completely stunned at the "reality" of this experience and when I Googled Manta-Ray UFO I found your fascinating article - " Manta UFOs as Living Creatures and the Nature of Aquatic Cryptids: Paranormal Corridor Southwest".

"I am just looking to connect with someone who knows anything concerning the hard-to-believe experience my friends and I had. I am having a lot of synchronicities concerning this sighting and believe that following along this path will be in my spiritual best interests."

We really did see a few of these over the course of an hour or two. I would not say that I am a skeptic but I wouldn't call myself a true believer either. The experience is still fresh in my mind. We were out in the middle of the desert with no power or water or anything like that. The Rio Puerco valley was where the at least some of the Anasazi people went after the collapse of the Chaco Canyon civilization, and was also the site of the biggest radioactive spill in American history in 1979. We also saw "ghost lights" out in the middle of the valley that looked like some sort of civilized structure and lights on the horizon that would grow when watched. The crazy thing is I had never heard of Manta- Ray like crafts and it was just that. That's what these things (in particular one sighting) looked like. We really got the feeling that what we were looking at was as much of an entity as a technology, or somewhere in between. I also had the feeling when they were also morphing between the black triangle F-117- like crafts (which I had seen twice in the 90's up in the Hudson River Valley), glowing orbs, and disguising themselves as a jet with blinking lights and engine noise, that they were somehow camouflaging themselves based on how we were looking at them.

"I do not have any idea about the mechanics of the way Mantas work. I literally could not believe my eyes! But when I got online I had all these things confirmed."


The Anasazi people that the witness mentions were the ancient residents of New Mexico who built the amazing astronomically- oriented ruins in Chaco Canyon. The entire area is known as the "Paranormal Corridor". Manta-like craft have been seen flying over prehistoric flood-plains as if they were swimming though the ocean that was once there.

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