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UFO Over The Sahara Desert?
by Dirk Vander Ploeg
Posted: 15:15 August 19, 2009

Name: Karl
Name of photo: Sahara Desert 3 point UFO
Location: Sahara Desert, Egypt
Date: 18th August 2009

Received the photograph below as well as this description from Karl on August 18, 2009.

It didn't look like how I believed the photograph would turn out. When we first saw it in the distance it was like 3 stars (not flickering) and then in a span of 5 seconds it was right above our tour bus!

It looked like 3 circular lights (Bulls-eye design) and in a triangular formation and we had the window open and there was not one sound that emitted from the "CRAFT".

The object hovered peacefully over us until - in a flash it just disappeared!

When I took the picture I didn't see anything through the viewfinder of my Blackberry despite the fact that it was above us clearly. SO I SNAPPED AWAY ANYWAYS... AND THIS IS WHAT SHOWED UP!

I emailed Karl and asked for more information. Here is his reply received on August 20, 2009:

The outer rim was lit up.. and so was the inner nucleus type filled circle of all three circles. Something like this below but with a nucleus or circular light inside giving it the shape of a bulls-eye. It looked like one craft as opposed to 3.

Very consistent light, nothing blinking nothing changing color.

Also read: Unknown Object Photographed Over St. Louis.

We were heading into Cairo from Alexandria.. and we had about 1 hour left before we entered Cairo…maybe a little less. Our flight was at 4:55 in the morning and we needed to be there 2 hours prior. I would say it was about 1:30-2AM

It was no comet and it was neither plane nor anything we can explain. It was simply a distant 3 stars in the sky to the left of me, which in 5 seconds flat just appeared right above us in the sky. Coming in from the desert it just hovered above our bus maybe 200 meters high, but it was the clearest thing I have ever seen. What I described to you was so clear.

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