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A UFO Digest Book Review
reviewed by Malcolm Robinson, SPI

(Copyright 2009, Malcolm Robinson, SPI, All Rights Reserved)

PUBLISHER: Quest Books, Theosophical Publishing House P.O. Box 270 Wheaton IL 60187-0270 PRICE $15,95/Canada $18.00. ISBN: 978-0-8356-0867-1

The Force Is With Us: The Higher Consciousness That Science Refuses to Accept
It only took a few paragraphs and I knew that I had a cracker of a book in my hands. Just that few paragraphs, the style the information and the way that the author was putting it into layman's terms, was enough to convince me that I was going to enjoy this one. I wasn't to be disappointed, as I progressed reading through this book, it soon became apparent to me, that this book would quite easily be in my top 6 books that I have ever read, and for me, that's a BIG statement. Did I like this book, you bet I did. No matter what words follow, this book review can never do the book's contents justice but I'll sure as hell try.

Basically what this book is trying to put over to the reader is the many scientific findings of our age and how they came into being, and at that point of being, being lambasted and discounted by the peers of the day. The book then goes into the numerous un-accepted scientific ideas that get such a hard time today, but in the main, what the main thrust of this book is all about, is 'the force', 'the energy' this seemingly untapped cosmic energy that is all around us, and has been since time immemorial. When we talk about belief what do we mean, take for instance this statement from the author,


A small boy finds a dead squirrel in the street, he is an animal lover and holds the dead squirrel up into the sky and says, "God, if you really exist and everything that I have read and heard about you is true, please bring this squirrel back to life"

Nothing happens.

Now, does this 'PROVE' that God does not exist?

The author tells us that our experience of the world is tightly constrained by the limits of our physical senses, that 93% of the universe consists of dark matter, are that there are realities beyond our known realities that exist somewhere 'out there'? However, it's the 'blind die hard' scepticism that 'some' not all scientists, view these fringe sciences which infuriate those with an open mind. We all know that many fringe sciences are not accepted within the frame work of science, but we still have this arrogance of mind that 'it can't be so therefore it isn't'. When oh when will we ever get away from this way of thinking?

The author then discusses the amazing return from the grave of his 25 year old son Clint who passed away with cancer last year (2008) Clint came back to prove to his father (through various ways) that he was still very much alive, albeit in a different environment, this brought much comfort to the author. Read it all here in this book.

The author states that the ancients knew that we are living in a spiritual universe and brings to bear a number of examples in this book. In the main though, the author continually states that here in our modern world, the truth of these ancient sciences are being ignored, and in some cases (shown in this book), are being suppressed.

We know that many things cannot be detected by the human eye, but due to Newtonian physics and modern technology, new findings are exploring and uncovering the once hidden sub atomic world and some amazing discoveries are taking place which clearly show us humans that the world is indeed a far stranger place than we ever can imagine. Modern physics would seem to show us that there are 'other dimensions' other worlds but sadly here in today's world not a lot of people are taking notice.

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