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Are Aliens Living Beside Us? - "UMMO and the Extraterrestrial Papers"
Edited by Timothy Green Beckley, with additional material by Antonio Ribera and Gordon Creighton
Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 11:00 August 19, 2009

UMMO and the Extraterrestrial Papers
UMMO and the Extraterrestrial Papers
The story of UMMO starts with a series of letters and phone calls to various Spanish UFO researchers in 1965 that purportedly came from an extraterrestrial race. While the most commonly reported method of E.T. contact is clearly by telepathy, the aliens in this case tried a more direct, decidedly earthly method of communication.

The letters contained highly detailed discourses on such weighty topics as physics and medicine that could only have been written by experts on the cutting edge in those rarified fields that are light years beyond what a lay hoaxer could have come up with. One of the letters also predicted that a UFO sighting would occur on a certain day at a certain location in Spain, and the ship did indeed appear on schedule and at the appointed place. It was a rare event in the annals of Ufology, a supposed alien prediction that actually came true.

The race behind the letters and activity claimed to have come from a planet named UMMO, saying that they had arrived on Earth in 1950 and had been biding their time before contacting trustworthy Earthlings. They had come in response to a weak signal inadvertently sent out into space by a Norwegian ship conducting ionospheric research in 1934. It was later verified that both the ship and its experiments were indeed real-world events. The first landing took place near the Basses-Alps in France. The aliens from UMMO also claimed to have built an underground base in France as well, and later to have established other strongholds, including isolated small cities, much like the aliens in the new science fiction hit "District Nine."

The story kicks into higher gear when two additional sightings occurred near Madrid in 1966 and 1967. In both instances, the bottom side of the ship displayed the letters UMMO as well as a distinctive pictorial mark, seen throughout the book, that resembles our own notation for Uranus. According to the introduction written by Antonio Huneeus, seven clear photos of a classic flying saucer with a large UMMO symbol were taken by one of the Spanish witnesses during the second incident. Though they were later labeled as a hoax by Dr. J. Allen Hynek's Center for UFO Studies in Chicago, the photographer still stands by them.

Another aspect of the second sighting was a strange kind of debris left behind, what were thought at first to be small tubes of a metal resembling nickel. After being sent to Spain's National Institute of Aerospace Technology, they were determined to contain plastic sheets of polyvinyl fluoride, developed by DuPont. The catch is, however, that at the time the use of the material was restricted to the military only.

So we have here the makings of another classic UFO case, one with the kind of similarities to previous cases that grounds it within the relative confines of reality while at the same time offering up newer details that add to the uniqueness of the case material.

Which brings us to this recent offering from Global Communications and Timothy Green Beckley, "UMMO and the Extraterrestrial Papers." The book begins with a longish opening section from the early 1990s in which an Earthling named simply "Tony" exchanges letters with an alien called Mr. X in which they discuss numerous aspects of life on Earth as seen from an alien perspective as well as inklings of the cosmic truth possessed by the aliens. Everything from the technical prowess of the gray aliens to the seeding of Planet Earth by superior alien forces is discussed, as well as the ability of the aliens to exist outside of normal space/time.

This lays a convenient groundwork for the creation of mankind. The aliens talk about arriving millions of years ago to seed the primitive life forms found here and bring them up to a state of development that could be called human, then jumped ahead in time to see if their handiwork had succeeded. If not, they could also go back in time and start again. One must assume that, since we're still here, they must have been satisfied with the results they got. The aliens also say that the humanoid form is a constant throughout the universe, something preprogrammed by the ultimate creator as the best means of sustaining intelligent life.

Beckley combines the Tony/Mr. X material with over 200 pages of detailed information and speculation on the UMMO aliens, a voluminous, meticulous package that it is difficult to summarize here. Suffice it to say it covers such fascinating ground as the sociological structure of the aliens' society, including how their adolescents are brought to sexual maturity and their females come equipped with a built-in tendency toward masochism. That last kind of goes off the chart in terms of Ufology weirdness, but it's just one example of the material's oddly resonant little moments that ring true simply because of their profound strangeness. They are so odd and eerie that they might possibly be true. The book also includes a 403-word dictionary of UMMO words and their English translation, which also tips the scales toward the bizarrely authentic.

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To find out more information or to purchase this book simply click on the title: UMMO And The Extraterrestrial Papers

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