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"ET Murders Most Foul"

Part 1

(Dedicated to the memory of Todd Sees of Montour, PA)

by Robert D. Morningstar

North Brunchilli, Australia 1992
North Brunchilli, Australia 1992

Watch this video!

New York City, September 11th, 2006

The following is a detailed analysis and description of the gruesome AA Ambulance Film Clip from Ray Santilli's comedy film "Alien Autopsy (with Art and Dec). This article is being published in reply today, September 11, 2006, to an email from Mr. Nick Balaskas, posted this morning on UFO Updates, which read:

Hi Everyone!

The video on the web site below was brought to my attention by a friend on Saturday after I came to work to watch fellow Canadian and York alumnus Steve MacLean blast-off in space in Atlantis live on the big screen and, afterwards, to do an interview for a student film documentary on UFOs in Canada. This video is being promoted as authentic film footage of the recovered alien bodies from the UFO(s) that crashed near Roswell, Arizona in 1947.

Is this video, which depicts what look like naked and sexless dummies just another very clever hoax or simply apparently aged B&W footage taken from a new or upcoming film documentary or movie on the Roswell UFO crash?

Nick Balaskas"

I would first like to thank Stuart Miller who brought this film sequence to my attention after he viewed the premiere of "Alien Autopsy" in London earlier this year. I would also like to express my appreciation to Ed Gehrman, Neil Morris, William Sawyers and Mark Center for providing me with earlier versions of this film clip for analysis.

Disclaimer: The analyst will leave the determination of the origin and authenticity of the film clip to other UFOlogists to judge individually. The views herein expressed are strictly my own and do not reflect the opinions of any of the aforementioned individuals. The following analysis is simply a description (as I see it) of the contents of the film clip presented as the climactic ending of Ray Santilli's film, "Alien Autopsy," starring the English comedians popularly known as "Art and Dec." I began working on this analysis in April of 2006 and revised and edited the following on May 9th and September 11th, 2006 and have shared it only with those experts cited above until today.

Purported Photo of Crashed Saucer Recovery (Source unknown)
Purported Photo of Crashed Saucer Recovery (Source unknown)

List of activities and contents Observed in the AA Ambulance Film Clip:

The purported Roswell AA Ambulance (AAA) Loading Scenario (as I call it) is very clear to me now, having spent at this point more than 40 hours on the analysis and its description. That is 40 hours studying 58 seconds of film.

What follows is my personal interpretation of what I discern to be shown in the film:

The "smaller Army ambulance" seen in the background is being used to shuttle a large number of bodies, EBEs, humans (and human body parts) "somewhere".

I write "The smaller Army Ambulance." The reader may ask " Smaller than what?"

M* reply: The ambulance is "smaller" than the heavy duty multi-axel, multi-ton Army TRUCK, also technically used as an ambulance, which is seen and presumed to be brining the coffins containing ETs, human bodies and body parts into the transfer area. It quickly becomes apparent that many corpses are being transferred from a very large multi-ton Army truck seen entering the location of the operation on the left side of the screen early in the video clip to the "AA Ambulance" (so dubbed by me).

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