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Examine Better the Anomaly of Earth to Learn
Of What's Elsewhere

by James C. Horak

(Copyright 2007, James Horak - All Rights Reserved)

Posted: 15:55 September 18, 2007

The documented anomaly sites upon this planet are prodigious. They consist of everything from an immense museum of relics from the past, present and future found in strata thousands of years old, to a network of passages and rooms carved out of the stone of the Grand Canyon with all sorts of inexplicable relics and battery salts that defy analysis.

The foremost questions of our time are ignored in order to avoid just how much and how far the mere presence of these anomalies question favored theories. Our proximity to a fusion star, the sun, and to the more graphic awareness of what its coronal mass ejections might do to earth challenges, nay rebukes, the much lesser concerns over meteor hits.

But just what might portend in the odd relationship between "objects" noticed within the sun's corona and how they seem to interact with solar flaring...

Is this the answer? Are we protected from coronal mass ejections by some form of solar energy farming?

Let's look even closer. Let's look at the human mind itself.

Just as Tesla knew even today's theories of electron flow were fiction and that electricity could be broadcasted in a way that defied it. So too, evidence exists that the mind can exist extraneous to the brain.

The evidence was obtained in an interesting way …not that anyone involved knew it, even could know it, unless they could disconnect from their mindsets long enough to deduce it.

It was either the Discovery Channel or PBS that cablecast a documentary about 7 years ago that had begun out of a quirk that happened while a UN promo video was being filmed.

A team had been dispatched to a tribal region of mid-North Africa to help in a crisis brought about by famine and disease. At one point, when the officer-in-charge, a colonel, had leaned over to examine something, the wind blew off his beret. His skull, as it was revealed, had sunken in creating a depression that left very little room for any brain above the stem. Yet here he was performing in the capacity of a man competent to all his tasks...and those demanding of the rank of a UN colonel. Not only that, but he was a North African native and obviously possessed of a gifted ability to handle many dialects.

A while later an anthropologist happened to see the film and the lack of any skullcap implant made him suspicious of the surgical methodology involved. He speculated on the prospect of
this being a long sought example of trepanning, stone age brain surgery, surviving into the present.

Upon learning more about the UN officer, he was approached and the officer confirmed his cranial operations were indeed performed by a shaman who served his tribe and a few others in his home region.

The excitement was immediate. Soon after, a team was forming to visit this "witch doctor" to learn more of the very first evidence to emerge in centuries that trepanning had survived into the present era.

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