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"The Circle of Stars and
The Black Magic Mafia"

by Pavel Kastl

Posted: 13:23 September 11, 2007

When I was a young child, I used to sleep in the same room with my mother. But one night, I think it was after midnight, I was forced by invisible power to move to the next room which was a kitchen. I had been sitting on a day-bed next the window through which I could see the backyard and a big pear-tree. All of a sudden, I saw something that I have never seen before.

There was a "circle of stars" above the top of the pear tree!

After a few moments, the stars began to descend to me and they stopped in front of the kitchen window in the backyard. Then, a ray of slightly visible (I would say golden) energy began to stream from the stars to me.

On the couch, there was a teddy-bear with me that was my favorite toy. It was lying between me and the kitchen's window, so the energy that was flowing from the stars also touched the teddy-bear and animating it, the teddy-bear began to move. It sat up (while just before, he was almost lying on the couch).

Then, the teddy-bear turned it's head to the right and looked directly at me!

Furthermore, when the golden energy entered it, although it only had buttons instead of real eyes, the teddy-bear actually looked at me like as if it was a very wise, living being.

Then the energy flowing from the stars entered me even more powerfully and I lost my consciousness.

Many years later, a few more memories were recalled but that's a separate story. The last thing that I remember is that some formation of light began to appear in the middle of the kitchen next to the couch that I was sitting on.

Here is a short video where I am describing this story of mine but in my native tongue only:

As for UFO and the stars that visited me, I am convinced they were from a different dimension and made of different matter. But other strange things also happened to me, like toys that were moving in the night in the room I used to sleep in. And because I felt paralyzed, I could not wake up my mother since I was paralysed by a strange power and could not touch my mother nor speak to her (I was completely frozen).

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