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A UFO Digest Book Review
By Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2007, Robert D. Morningstar - All Rights Reserved)

"Exempt from Disclosure"
By Robert M. Collins
With Richard C. Doty and Timothy S. Cooper

Posted: 01:27 September 15, 2007

Quest for Middle Earth

It was in 1977, with the release of Steven Spielberg's "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind," that the general public was given the first hints of a possible US Government-ET "student exchange program" between visiting extraterrestrials and the USG. As depicted in the film, 12 or so super-soldiers/super-airmen and a woman, dressed in red flight suits, received a blessing before departing on the mother ship with the ETs and others to visit an unnamed planet, the home planet of the alien race:

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways"
(Psalm 91:11)

This was an inkling that something very unusual was going on and that Steven Spielberg had been "chosen" to be a messenger of "UFO Disclosure" through the medium of public entertainment.

In their new book, EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE, the authors tell readers about many complex and surprising factors involving the U.S. military, intelligence communities, scientific communities and the general public with regard to UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE


By Robert M. Collins and Richard C. Doty, with Timothy S. Cooper

The idea was not new to me (rumors were around even then) but I was surprised at the mass medium chosen to divulge what must be considered the so-called "Cosmic Top Secret" (CTS). This slow, (one might say "time released") limited disclosure of the CTS had, in fact, been predicted by the great UFOlogist, Frank Edwards, during an interview that I saw as a high school student in 1967 on the legendary "Alan Burke Show" broadcast by WNEW-TV in New York City.

Edwards, author of "Flying Saucers - Serious Business" told his host, the erudite and sometimes acerbic Alan Burke, that he had learned of a Flying Saucer disclosure process to be implemented by the CIA in 7-year cycles, whereby the USG would reveal the extraterrestrial presence to the American public gradually through a series of books and, more importantly, films and television programs that would acclimate the general public, America first then the rest of the world, to prepare them for a paradigm shift that would begin in the late 1960s and 1970s.

This limited disclosure would come through mass media, depicting the nature of the alien presence slowly in order to avoid the repetition of another Orson Wells-style "War of the World" panic on a mass or global scale. As the years went by, Frank Edwards' prediction seemed to unfold like a self-fulfilling prophecy and right on schedule, according to his 7-year cycle schematic (beginning in 1969-70). Interestingly, the year 1977 marked the release of both "Star Wars" and "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind," almost like a "one-two punch" to the national psyche of the American people and, shortly thereafter, the rest of the world. Its effect on the public, like Spielberg's 5-part special "Taken" (released by the Sci-Fi Channel in 2005) was stunning.

Quest for Middle Earth

Now, 2007, 30 years after Frank Edwards' prediction, "Exempt From Disclosure" (EFD 2nd Edition), written by retired U.S. Air Force Captain Robert M. Collins (former member of U.S. Air Force Intelligence-Foreign Technology Division) with Master Sgt. Richard C. Doty (former member of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, a.k.a. AFOSI) and Timothy S. Cooper, reveals details of the cryptic "student exchange program" (my term) referred to above in my introduction. According to Capt. Collins, it was called "Project Serpo," details of which are given in the final chapter.

I have been reading EFD slowly and methodically for the past month and have found it to be a remarkable account, supported by FOIA documents, several of which I have cross-correlated and corroborated with my own sources (from other FOIA released Blue Book/CIA/FBI files), which I have collected over a many years of researching both "Flying Saucers/UFOs" and arcane aspects of the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

During the course of the past 2 months, I have been in close contact with the principal author, Captain Robert M. Collins (USAF, Ret.), and have found him to be candid and direct in answering important questions, which I have posed to him during our almost daily, multiple exchanges of emails. In replying to all the questions that I posed to him, he has replied forthrightly. I have found no guile or trickery in him.

Through independent investigation (unbeknownst to him), I discovered 2 papers authored by "Captain Robert M. Collins (TQTR)" dealing with advanced aspects of Quantum Physics and Scalar Fields. When I asked Captl Collins if he had authored them and the meaning of the acronym (TQTR), he acknowledged authorship and without the slightest hesitation, responded:

"YES...both articles are by me...Rmc"

For more information or to purchase click here: EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE.EXEMPT FROM DISCLOSURE

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