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Barbara YoungDr. Barbara Young has lived and studied Christian Mysticism for thirty years. To help achieve her destiny and gift to earth, she experienced external Apparitions of Light Figures since childhood. Her mind-consciousness education began with pre-medicine, branched into psychology, the study of altered states of consciousness, parapsychology, parapsychology and medicine, world religions and the psychology of social change. After achieving her higher degrees, she set about in 1977 on a twenty year walk-a-about to educate the public about its true purpose in life, the evolution of its spiritual nature and its Divination. In her twenty years on the road, she has appeared on many radio and television interviews, a guest speaker at Universities, and general public lectures. Visit Dr. Young's website: or email her at

Mary Magdalene - Part I
by Barbara Young

Posted: 23:55 September 10, 2007

The sacred translation of this image depicts
the Immortal Spirit's DivineLife.

Lost to the civilizations of the World is our true purpose of life, the evolution of the Human Spirit. It is hidden behind the inversion of reality currently filling the Human soul-mind consciousness. The great prize of life lies in the discovery of the greatness of our Spirit and most important to assist it in its material growth as well as its preparation to return to our God the Father and Mother as an Individualized Being of Pure Light. But, what does that mean? As such words are foreign to all races and religions of the World.

Edited, burned, and rejected for self-gratification and placations of the soul-mind ego are the Divine Teachings left to us by Divine Teachers. As Agents for the Family of God, Divine Teachers provide the soul-mind with the means and ways to assist their own Spirit to become an active Extended Member of the Family of God.

And, now you must ask, "What or who is the Family of God?" The Family of God consists of God the Father and His Earth Assigned Celestial Son/Christ Son and God the Mother and Her Earth Assigned Celestial Daughter/Chryseis Daughter.

As an Extended Member of the Family of God, your Spirit is enrolled in the Divine Life Program. Which means that it has chosen in some past life to enter into the Divine Realm for Transfiguration of its material memory into a Divine Son or Daughter of God. Both the Christ Son and Chryseis Daughter Transfigure the Spirit, but it is the Chryseis Daughter who is the primary Divine Figure who Establishes and then Directs the Spirit's Divine Life Program, material life after life.

In each new life, a Divine Teacher renews the soul-mind Divine Lessons as well as provide a guided Divine Visualization into the Divine Realm. The Divine Realm Awareness Provides the Spirit with the means to Advance the Divine Psycho-Aspects of Both God the Mother in the Living Presence of the Chryseis Daughter and the Father's Nature, while in the Living Presence of the Christ Son.

It is the Chryseis Daughter who Transfigures feminine aspects of material memory into Her Psycho-Aspects of Nurturing and Goodness as well as Truth and Wisdom. As, it is Through Her Nature that the Spirit Prepares for the Pearl of Great Price, the Pearl of Truth and Wisdom to be Transfigured into the Spirit for Divine Completion of material life.

It is the Christ Son who Transfigures and develops all material knowledge into Divine Knowledge and Intellect. The Two balance the Spirit's Evolution toward becoming an Individualized Being of Pure Light.

"Important Symbolism"

Our story begins from left starting with the candle
and circles around to the right forming a perfect circle.

The Candle and Flame

are the Great Symbols of Divine Truth and Wisdom
Acquired from the Living Presence of the Holy Spirit Daughter.

The Compass lying on the table

symbolizes the design and plotting of DivineLife Evolution
necessary for a Son or Daughter of God’s Evolution
and final Transfiguration into a Man or Woman of God.

Mary's Right Elbow

is a symbol for choice and decision. It is placed on a book
to emphasize seeking material knowledge and intellect
that, in turn, forms the intellect of Divine Life Growth.

Her Head

symbolizes Divine Mental Reasoning
that by resting on her right hand,
emphasizes Self-Expression of Divine Intellectualism.

The Scarf

symbolizes relative knowledge and truth that hides her hair,
the symbol for Divine Knowledge and Truth.

Her White Bodice

symbolizes the Spirit's Purified Divine Nature
acquired during the later stages of DivineLife,
symbolized by the Light Blue Shawl.

The Hollow Skull

Upon completion of the Divine Life Program,
the new Man or Woman of God
no longer requires rebirth into a physical body
and therefore finds no value in returning to material life
symbolized by the hollow skull

Mary Magdalene, Her Divine Legacy lost in the shadows of time, lives in Honor within the memories of Her Students. Her Divine Life Program allowed Her Immortal Students to enter into the next World Collective Stage. She helped them to achieve Their Divine Heritage, Attain a Christed Transfiguration, and renew Their Eternal Gift of Love and Union with the Divine Family.

Mary Magdalene’s Teachings were eulogized openly up to and until the Inquisition purging. Mystical Knights Templar passed Her Teachings on from one generation to another, as well as secret orders who identified themselves with a red rose, the Rose being the Sacred Symbol for Divine Love. Immortal Spirits, as painters encoded within their paintings Her Divine Life Program.

As Matriarch and Teacher for the New World Divine Program She assumed the position as Divine Agent for God the Mother and Earth’s Celestial Daughter. As Goddess of the Temple of Isis, it was Mary who gave Life to the Celestial Daughter in Her Highest Sanctified Position as the Chryseis Daughter. A Goddess known by many logos names within the World’s different Mythological Cultures from 2000 BC to the Common Era.

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