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Mary Magdalene - Part III
by Barbara Young

Posted: 14:00 September 25, 2007

Throne of David and the Merovingian Bloodline

Lets now address the popular belief that the Merovingian Bloodline is a direct lineage to the Son of Jesus.

To better understand the following data, let’s translate the Sacred meaning for the word "blood". Blood symbolizes the act of entering into the Kingdom of the Lord for a Living Awareness with the Family of God. Since it was generally known that all Kings were of Immortal status, the connotation “Bloodline” refers to an Immortal and their Immortal Lineage. Rarely, did an Immortal King, since 4000 BC marry a mortal wife. And since it is the mother who signs a contract with the spirit that will fuse with her fetus, an Immortal Mother would have chosen only an Immortal Spirit as her child—therefore the “Bloodline”.

The Merovingian Bloodline began with its earliest known member, Childeric, who succeeded his father Merovech, as King of the Salian Franks of northern Gaul in 456. By 481 Childeric had died and was succeeded by Clovis, his son by Basina.

Clovis I became King in 481 and ruled until 511. He was King of the Ripuarians, who emerged as master of the Franks on both sides of the Rhine.

It is known that Clovis was converted into Roman Catholicism in 496. The Pre-inquisition Church’s Central Standard included a Visual Guided Meditation into the Kingdom of the Lord for a Living Objective Visual Awareness with the Holy Spirit Daughter and the Christ Son. Clovis being an Immortal Spirit, was Awakened into His Divine Life Christed Status--the first Frank King to be Awakened to Claim his Divine Heritage—and the beginning of the Immortal Bloodline.

Therefore, we can surmise that the Immortal Bloodline of the Merovingian Kings began with Clovis, but ceased to exist by Childeric III (743 - 51) and Theodoric IV (721 - 37). I can find no further mention of the family lineage.

It is my belief that Clovis began a long line of Awakened Immortal Kings, but not necessarily of Jesus’ Family Tree. Perhaps the myth began because when one experienced a Living Contact with the Christ Son, the Christ Son’s Logos was Jesus. And, therefore, an Immortal lived the "Bloodline of Christ Jesus".

Out of the Immortal Divine Life Activity, the Orders of the Mystical Knights Templar, as well as the supporting Knighthood evolved. An Immortal King demanded that each potential Knight prove his Immortal status. The First Knight of the King usually held the Highest Immortal Status.

The Divine Life Program Itinerary is somewhat contained within Middle Age Myths. During an Immortal Spirit’s Access to the Divine Realm, Divine Icons and Scenarios are presented to the Spirit according to Its Christed State of Maturity. In every life, certain Icons are presented to the Spiritual-Soul that Ignites Access to Divine Realm Privileges. One of these Icons is the Sword Excalibur, whose Blade is Locked within a Stone. The Icon is a Symbol that represents—Divine Truth (the Sword) locked up in the Spirit and God’s (Stone) Nature. If the Spiritual-Soul is Awarded the Presence of the Sword in the Stone, the Spiritual-Soul proceeds to pull the Sword out of the Stone. Once Pulled from the Stone, the Spiritual-Soul Points the Sword upward to God, as a demonstration of Honor to the True Source of all Truth, God the Mother and Father. God Responds by Striking the Tip of the Sword with a Bolt of Lightening, the Symbol for the Omnipresence of God that runs down through the Sword and into the Spirit’s Body. The Omnipresence Energy of God Transfigures the Spirit and Awards the Spirit the Means to Attain Truth and Knowledge as well as represents God in Truth.

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