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Regan Lee is author of the UFO blog The OrangeOrb, and has a monthly column in UFO Magazine by the same name. She is also a contributer to the Binnall of America website, writing her 'Trickster's Realm' column. Drawing on her life long relationship with UFOs and the paranormal, Regan writes about UFOs and Forteana in Oregon , her home for many decades, and is also a UFO witness and experiencer herself. Regan is also an aritst, and author of Two Oregon Tales: UFOs and Bigfoot, soon to be available as an e-book. Email Regan Lee.

When Entities Collide: Ghosts, Aliens, MIBs, and Entities and The Trickster Faeries
by Regan Lee

Posted: 12:39 September 8, 2007

Which is Which, When?

Are aliens, at times, really ghosts? Or entities? Or the other way around? Do they imitate each other at times; if so, why? Is that the Trickster at work, mimicking one or the other, to confuse? After all, that's what the Trickster loves to do.

Sometimes entities of some type seem to imitate ghosts and aliens. There has been some interesting discussion about what we consider 'aliens' (meaning extraterrestrial) mimicking ghosts. (What we think of as ghosts.) And what about 'shadow people?' which some researchers believe are ghost like, but not ghosts; entities, but not aliens. Of course, no one knows for sure.

There's also a UFO/entity-alien and Bigfoot connection. Is Bigfoot a poltergeist or, is there a connection with Bigfoot and poltergeists, as Bigfoot researcher Lisa Shiel recently suggested? (Poltergeists: The Other Synchronicity with Bigfoot?).

We don't really know what aliens/ET are, or ghosts. We use those words and assume others are on the same page; that we've agreed on the definitions. Often, when we take the time to pause and ask each other just exactly what we mean when we use those terms, we're surprised to find we aren't on the same page at all.

Some of us mean 'entity' when we say 'ET.' Others are more literal; ET means just that: a being from outer space. Ghosts are either the conscious remains in 'spirit' form of the once living human, or something else, maybe a combination of 'spirit energy' and human consciousness, or a melange of things other worldly. . . some have categories of 'ghosts' ranging from the recently human deceased to more esoteric things.

Some of us have had experiences with one or more of these things. I have. I've seen, felt, heard what we'd call 'ghosts.' I've been in communication with what I assumed/thought of was an 'alien' -- being from outer space -- but of course, I can't be sure. I saw a shadow 'person' once. Then there are entities: things I've seen that couldn't possibly be ET, though who knows what they were.

Jim Marrs wrote about an intriguing alien-ghost connection in his piece Alien Ghosts at Roswell?' Here is a case of, not aliens imitating ghosts or vice versa, but the ghost of an alien. Maybe.

Hank and the Note Takers

In a recent piece for my Trickster's Realm column on the Binnall of America website, I wrote about my friend 'Lola' and her brother 'Hank' who've been busy experiencing a lot of Very Weird Things their entire lives. From haunted roads and houses, to UFOs, Bigfoot and entities, they've see, heard, and felt a lot of anomalous things. These events seem to follow the family; Lola hasn't lived in the childhood home for years, but has experienced mainly ghostly phenomeana (witnessed by others) in her other home, and is now experiencing some odd things at her new home in the coastal region of Oregon.

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