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and New Technology Can Finally Prove It!

by Lloyd Pye

Posted: 19:17 September 11, 2007

Eight years of scientific testing strongly suggest that an ancient skull found in Mexico nearly eight decades ago is something other than entirely human. In fact, the skull known as the "Starchild" might well prove to be the first biological relic confirmed by DNA testing to be a human-alien hybrid.

This remarkable skull is now on the verge of making history as large as history can be made. How it came to be in that improbable position is revealed in a new book, The Starchild Skull - Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?, which recounts my eight years of dragging the skull from expert to expert, seeking those with enough intellectual curiosity to take it seriously and to apply rigorous scientific testing to it, and then have the courage to put their names to their results. It hasn't been easy.

What follows is an abbreviated outline of the events detailed in the book.

1930. In the baking high desert of northern Mexico, in a nondescript village in the general area of the Copper Canyon, a teenaged American girl arrived with her family to visit the home from which her parents had emigrated twenty years earlier. She was told to avoid the caves and abandoned mine tunnels in the area because they were dangerous. As soon as she could, she went after the forbidden fruit, and eventually ended up in a mine tunnel.

In that tunnel she found a human skeleton lying supine on the floor. Closer inspection revealed that a bony, "misshapen" hand emerged from a mound of dirt beside the skeleton, and was wrapped around one of its upper arm bones. Assuming a whole skeleton might be buried under the dirt, the girl dug with her hands to reveal a "smaller, totally misshapen" skeleton.

The girl tried to recover every bone of both skeletons, assuming she could find a way to carry them back into the U.S. without her parents or siblings finding out about it. She hid them under a tree, but unfortunately a torrential downpour washed all the bones away-except the two skulls (minus their mandibles) and a broken piece of maxilla from the misshapen one.

As the girl grew up and entered her adult years, she varnished the skulls and put them in a cardboard box, keeping them as ghoulish souvenirs from her first sojourn in Mexico. And so they stayed until her impending death in the early 1990's, when she passed them to friends in her hometown of El Paso, Texas. Those friends eventually passed them to another couple, Ray and Melanie Young, who had a unique skill-set for evaluating what until then was assumed by its owners to be a "genetic deformity."

For more information or to purchase click here: The Starchild Skull -- Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

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