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PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena (New Page Books, 2006), by Marie D. Jones
by John Kachuba
Author, Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers
and Other Investigators of America’s Paranormal World

Posted: 23:59 September 4, 2007

Two hundred years ago, if you had stopped someone on the streets of New York and told him you heard music coming through the air, he would have had you hauled off to the loony bin. Today, we all know that music does, indeed, come through the air and it comes to us on what we call radio waves. This is only one example of science finally catching up with and explaining what seemed like a paranormal (beyond normal) experience. It is likely that science will also eventually be able to explain ghosts, UFOs, ESP, and other paranormal oddities as “normal.”

This is the premise behind Marie D. Jones’ intriguing book, PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena. Jones, a lifelong student, researcher, and investigator of metaphysics and the paranormal, takes the reader on an incredible voyage into the world of quantum physics. She speculates not merely that science may be able to someday prove the existence of ghosts, aliens, time travel, mysterious disappearances as in the Bermuda Triangle, and other paranormal phenomena, but that it may have already done so!

Jones takes the reader on a dizzying ride through theories of multiple universes, hidden dimensions, energy fields, superstrings, Zero Point Field, wormholes, and time warps, to name just a few. She supports her ideas with the research of such eminent scientists and thinkers as Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, William Roll, J.B. Rhine, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schrodinger. Although sections of the book may warrant a second reading in order to better grasp their implications, for the most part Jones cuts through the hieroglyphics of quantum physics and new science, distilling it down to an essence that can be understood by the average reader.

The ramifications of the theories presented in PSIence are incredible. If these theories can be proven true, then everything we thought we knew about existence, everything we thought we knew about the nature of the universe is stood upon its head. With such potential, why wouldn’t everyone read this book?

PSIence is an invaluable addition to the library of anyone interested in the paranormal; I strongly recommend it.

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