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Chadien D. Blako is a professor and independent researcher based in Chapadmalal, Argentina. For several years he also worked in the Pagan Religion and Medieval Rites department at the University of Bilbao. He is the head of the Los Horneros Paranormal Institute. His scientific interest in the relation between UFO's and the cattle mutilation phenomenon led him to investigate twenty-two such cases from eight different countries. These cases are documented in his book "The Alien's Backbone" co-authored with Doctor Angel Diaz. You can contact Professor Blako at

The Alien's Backbone
Part III

by Professor Chadien D. Blako

Posted: 14:00 September 8, 2008

The next morning, I went to pay a visit to Marcel Pitouf, who claimed to be 99 years old, though he looked much younger to me. He was amazingly lucid and coherent, and even though he tended to trail off into fascinating war stories, his testimony was of great value to my investigation.

Back in 1982, Marcel Pitouf's farm was the closest one to Jean Paul Granau's. Unlike the rest of the residents of Bourg-Madame, he did experience something that can be considered to be of extraordinary circumstances. It started the week that followed the demise of Fede. Most of the animals on Pitouf's farm got strangely sick. Or, using his words, "they went stupid." The cattle refused to eat and they turned oddly apathetic in their behavior. Their attempts to drink water ended, in most cases, in bloody, gelatinous vomit. The cattle excretions also presented signs of hemorrhage and internal tissue damage. The sheep offered a similar symptomology, plus a remarkable loss of wool. Curiously, his chickens, three dogs, and one cat, did not undergo any biological mutation, although they grew rather aggressive toward each other and particularly toward human visitors. Marcel Pitouf remembers this anecdote clearly for the simple reason that in the course of one month, seven of his animals died of what he described as: "not wanting to live any more. They just let themselves go." He had to sacrifice another five animals, including his only goat, by blowing their brains out with a shotgun, and incinerating all of their bodies. The surviving animals remained in a state of constant panic for more than three months.

The financial debacle that the loss of his animals brought onto Marcel Pitouf destroyed his business and nearly made him lose his farm. I inquired about other past or present incidents he may have considered strange in the same or in any other unrelated fashion, but he could not provide further information. He did mention that the animals had not been the only victims of this unfortunate event, but also the life of the pasture and some trees in the surrounding areas of his and Granau's farm, had disappeared and never come back. "They took those trees down some years ago to build something, but for over twenty years those dried trees stood there like bones stabbed on the hills. I've not seen such a desolated spectacle since the war." Marcel Pitouf was a colorful character but he didn't strike me as a senile man or someone with a proclivity to fantasy. On the contrary, he rationalized the 1982 incidents by convincing himself that his animals were poisoned by some vandals with nothing better to do.

I spent most of that day with Sergent-chef Pitouf. He told me fascinating stories about his days in the French resistance fighting the Germans in WWII. I have treasured that day as one of the highlights of the investigation of this case.

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