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The Letter of the Week
from Franklin D. Fields, Jr.

Attorney at Law


Senator Bill Nelson
United States Senate
716 Senate Hart Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Posted: 12:31 September 23, 2008

Subject: Federal Investigation into the Stephenville Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)

Dear Senator Bill Nelson,

As a constituent, I am asking for your assistance in getting an official federal investigation into the Stephenville, Texas UFO incident. I am a member of the Democratic Party and a contributor to your campaign; please look into the matter and not just provide a form letter response. This issue could have real national security consequences and should be examined by your office, the military, and the federal government.

Stephenville, Texas attracted worldwide attention earlier this year when more than 30 residents specifically reported a sighting. This story was front-page headlines in a large number of news forums. Many of the witnesses were interviewed on national television programs such as CNN´s Larry King Live. All of the witnesses were credible and none were shown to be perpetrating a hoax.

There is plenty of evidence available to corroborate their story. An extensive detailed analysis of FAA radar data was conducted and it was shown that a real physical object was witnessed on January 8, 2008. In addition there are police video recordings and a police radar gun was used to track the object. There was obviously something flying over Stephenville that might be a national security threat. Why will our government not take this incident seriously?

An argument could be made that the UFO was a secret military aircraft and the government is not telling us for national security reasons. If that is the case I would like to know why our government is hiding this type of advanced technology when it could be used for a variety of commercial purposes. If the government has conducted a secret investigation we have a right to know. After all, this is a government of the people.

It is imperative that an official open investigation be conducted. A CNN/Time poll revealed that 80% of Americans believe the government is hiding information on UFOs. Please take the lead on this very important issue. We have the right to know the whole story. I would like to meet with you or one of your assistants and discuss what can be done. Please feel free to call me on my cell at (352) 478-????.*

Truly yours,

Franklin D. Fields, Jr.
Attorney at Law

*Publisher's Note: Phone numbers ommitted by publisher.

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