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On the Eve of Disclosure
by Glenn Gould

Posted: 11:25 September 27, 2008

The Planet Mars
Photo courtesy

Many who research the phenomenon associated with unidentified flying objects and the probable extraterrestrial nature of some such events feel that there has been an unnecessarily high level of secrecy and deception. While some governments have released information about their several UFO experiences, the United States has been annoyingly obtuse about its participation in these events. Recently, highly credible associates of the government have spoken out in agreement with the UFO community that the truth should be revealed and a full disclosure be made of the details of these events and related programs.

There is a growing movement to encourage full disclosure by assembling a preponderance of testimony from highly credible witnesses and participants. The Disclosure Project, whose spokesman is Dr. Steven Greer, is a movement whose proponents envision a utopian disbursal of extraterrestrial technology that would ultimately redefine human civilization. Reasoning that were enough credible witnesses to come forward, authorities would then be constrained to admit what they have been keeping secret for decades. While a technological windfall would undoubtedly solve a number of human problems, particularly those involving energy, some believe the cost of free energy would be far too expensive to bear.

Behind the veil of national security, governments have continued work on the general issue of UFOs and extraterrestrial contact. Artifacts and other physical evidence have been amassed for at least six decades. Many "scientific breakthroughs" are attributable to these strokes of fortune. The controlled release, to private corporations, of some of these technological bonuses permeates our culture today, and has become so mundane that we believe there is nothing improbable about their existence. But the psychological conditioning which has been present for three generations has predisposed the majority of us to dismiss the topic from serious consideration.

Some corporations connected with technology distribution projects blatantly advertise their association with ET technology, using it as a marketing tool. Due to the inundation by the media of all things ET, in movies that mitigate the topic through desensitization, and in journalism that demeans alleged contact, the public is largely confused and ambivalent regarding the subject. As researcher Jim Marrs has stated, acceptance of the subject matter is based more upon one's existing paradigm, or point of view, than upon the merit or credibility of specific ET events or testimony.

When considered objectively, the open acknowledgement of any ET liaison with our government would mean its sure and unequivocal demise, either from internal strife and rebellion or from the inevitable collapse of the values associated with its standing as a sovereign nation. Since energy (i.e. petroleum and coal) is currently such a valuable commodity, and the dollar is tied to it as the basis for the valuation of petroleum, any energy source that jeopardizes that status quo is something our government cannot allow. But that evaluation is not based upon selfish desire alone. We have all mutually agreed to allow our government to protect our way of life.

The government equivocates acquiescence to the release of the truth of its alien involvement and the subsequent acceptance of alien assistance and technology with allowing communism to spread. While these two concepts have nothing in common, we have tasked our government to protect us and they are doing that job.

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