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Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA: A Collection of Essays and Interviews About Project MONARCH

By Tracy Twyman, with additional material by Nick Redfern
and Commander X

Reviewed by Sean Casteel

Posted: 15:00 September 23, 2008

Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA (Paperback)
Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA (Paperback)
A close cousin to the field of study called Ufology is the school of political analysis called Conspiracy Theory, which encompasses everything from the machinations of the UFO cover-up to tales of a secret government operating in close cooperation with the alien presence. It is sometimes even claimed that the alien abduction phenomenon is really a human-run program of mind control and genetic experimentation, which serves to explain why some abductees recall being forced into sex with complete strangers by their captors and witness people in military garb rather than the more typical gray aliens.

The admittedly beyond-controversial subjects of mind control and sexual slavery are dealt with surprisingly rationally in this new offering from Global Communications. It's been said that paranoia can be entertaining, but perhaps that is still inadequate to describe this particular tome, which pushes past some barriers in ways that the reader may have trouble dealing with.

The book is called "Mind Controlled Sex Slaves and the CIA: A collection of essays and interviews about Project MONARCH." Project Monarch is an outgrowth of the better known MK-ULTRA program of mind control experiments begun during the early years of the Cold War and first brought to public awareness in the congressional hearings conducted by Senator Frank Church in the mid-1970s. The stunned electorate learned about such things as CIA experiments that sought to discover whether LSD could be used to aid the interrogation process, the idea being that perhaps the anxiety of a "bad trip" could frighten even the most tight-lipped subject into submission. The agency claimed to have canceled the program many years before the Church Committee investigation.

The book's introduction, written by well-known paranormal journalist Nick Redfern, provides an excellent history of what is publicly known about the CIA's mind control experimentation, so any reader unfamiliar with the subject can get Redfern's crash course and quickly be brought up to speed.

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For more information or to purchase this book, click on the title: Mind Controlled Sex Slaves And The CIA

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