Time and Reincarnation
by Carlosox
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Time and Reincarnation
by Carlosox

Posted: 13:55 September 1, 2008

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The concepts of time and reincarnation seem at first to have very little to do with UFOs and Aliens. But readers will find as I delve deeper into these concepts, they constitute important building blocks in the explanation of these mysteries.

Taking time first, it is viewed very differently in the East as compared to the West. The West has always viewed time as linear, whereas is considered cyclic in Hinduism and Buddhism. The religions that emanated from the Middle East, rely heavily on their respective holy texts to peer into the unknown, whereas the religions, though they have holy texts of their own, have always relied on personal inquiry - aided by tools like meditation, to fathom the unknown. The forest seers of Hinduism, who lived over five thousand years ago, retired to the forests to contemplate on concepts like time and the purpose of life. As time went by, the findings of these seers were collated to give a semblance of order to the universe. The religions of the East maintain that the power of intuition, which is developed through long and deep meditation, provides the ultimate answers to all of the conundrums that we see around us. It is from these findings that the ancients from the East maintain that time is never linear, but always cyclic. We will now touch lightly on what these sages found about time.

Very briefly, these sages discovered that time can be divided into ages or yugas. A complete cycle consists of 24,000 earth years (which is also one complete zodiac cycle), and is made up of four descending ages and four ascending ages. The time distribution for these ages however, are not equal as will be shown below. The four ages (yugas) are the Satya yuga, Treta yuga, Dwapara yuga and the Kali yuga. The Satya yuga is where mankind will be the most highly developed, both spiritually and materially. This age is commonly termed as the Golden age. Readers will realize, that since there is a descending and ascending period consisting of these four ages, both the Satya and Kali yugas in the descending phase will be back to back to a corresponding like yuga of the ascending phase.

Following the Satya yuga is the Treta yuga, or the silver age. Here, the knowledge and power of mankind will be less than that of Satya yuga, but formidable nonetheless. In the descending phase, one can term the Treta yuga as a decline from the Satya yuga, and in the ascending phase, the Treta yuga can be termed as moving from a lower age (Treta) to a higher age (Satya).

The Treta yuga is then followed by the Dwapara (bronze) and Kali (iron) ages. In a complete cycle of 24,000 years, the Satya ages ( ascending and descending ) make up 9,600 years, the Kali yugas (ascending and descending) make up 2,400 years while Treta and Dwapara ages make up respectively 3,600 years and 2,400 years in each of the descending and ascending phases.

One school of thought in India has determined that mankind had moved into a better time around A.D. 499 - corresponding to the Pisces/ Virgo sector of the zodiac (although this is hotly contested by some other schools which maintain that we are still in the dark ages), where mankind will be receptive to spiritual ideas, and will then move into another higher level of understanding around A.D. 2499 - corresponding to Aquarius/Leo sector of the zodiac.

The above pattern of ages is unique to planet earth, which is often termed as a school where souls are trained for higher realms. It tends to reason then, that there will be other planets which are more or less developed than earth, each having its unique time cycles, in the myriad of planets that can support some form of life in the universe. It would appear that all of the zillions of planets that make up the universe are inextricably linked to one another, and are all within the realm of the Divine or the Super Soul.

With the above in mind, it is therefore easy to conceive that Aliens and UFOs could be:

" Visitors from more developed planets visiting earth on various missions.

" Visitors from higher ages of planet earth (say the Satya yuga ) travelling back in time for particular missions.

" Beings from different planets who had been living on planet earth long before man arrived here, and who possess more advanced technology than us, or.

" A combination of all of the above.

Whatever it is they are, it would appear that the aliens are under directive not to directly interfere in the affairs of humans, as has been said above, earth is a school where humans are put in to develop their spirituality sufficiently to move to higher realms. But since humans are so talented in trying to find ways and means of trying to destroy themselves, some of these Aliens must have been given the task of ensuring that this does not happen. Further, as creation is only possible if there is light and dark, and each of these realms is populated by its own beings, there must be Aliens who are basically malevolent to mankind. Although these beings may cause temporary disruption, they will never be able to upset the apple cart.

These advanced beings, be they of the light or dark sector, will therefore have scientific and other knowledge light years ahead of us. Thus the UFOs we are now seeing, could be either friendly or hostile to us. It is my belief and experience, that any human who is committed to developing his spirituality, and living a life which is beneficial to his fellow human beings, will have little to fear from hostile Aliens - they will simply have no power to touch him.

In their research, the Hindu sages discovered that at the end of the ascending and descending periods of a complete cycle, there is a complete change - both externally in the material world, and internally in the intellectual world. Hence there is a huge change once in 12,000 years. Could this be the reason that in all ancient cultures there are stories of a great flood which destroyed everything except for a few, who would then go on to be the founding stock of a new race ? This change could of course also be brought about by volcanic and tectonic activity.

In the ancient epics of the Hindus, namely the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, are found all kinds of curious tales. There are tales about flying machines which flew at incredible speeds and were sometimes several storeys high. In the Ramayana, there is a detailed description of the fabulous UFO possessed by the villain Ravana. This machine consisted of several storeys, with one storey being entirely dedicated to a swimming pool! It was so advanced ( being constructed by a very advanced Alien; from whom Ravana stole the craft ), that it obeyed the wishes of its owner. There was warfare where weapons that could control the weather were employed, or where a person could disappear from one location and reappear in several others (holographs?). Then there is the famous passage in the Mahabharata which describes in detail a nuclear fallout. Before the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the subsequent horrors the world had to witness caused by nuclear fallout, many dismissed this passage in the Mahabharata as mere fanciful story telling. So were these Hindu epics depicting actual events that took place during a higher age? It is most likely the case.

When the first atom bomb was detonated in a desert in the U.S., a reporter asked one of the atomic scientists, Oppenheim, if he was not proud to be witnessing the highest development of the human mind till then. Oppenheim, who was well versed in Hindu thought, smiled and replied that it was the highest development for the present age. The reporter was of course under the influence of the current thinking that time was linear, and that mankind on earth had evolved from the apes. The concept that higher civilizations existed before on earth was simply preposterous to people like him.

It was just as well that the ancient Hindu scriptures were completely memorized by the priests and handed down to their sons, who in turn memorized them. Also, many deep truths were disguised as innocuous stories in texts that were written down. These strategies prevented their destruction during the dark (Kali) age, where anything spiritual was viewed with suspicion. In many other parts of the world, extremely valuable books which threw light on the higher ages of man were destroyed. The destruction of the library in Alexandria, which was said to have contained books of immense value and could have thrown light on the higher ages, is a case in point.

We now come to the second concept - that of reincarnation. As mentioned above, the religions in the East depend very little on texts, although there are plenty of them, but pursue Self Realization through the science of meditation. This has the decided advantage that truth can be readily experienced without the interference of corrupted texts and faulty interpretation of religious texts by the clergy.

The schism that now exists between the religions from the West and that those from the East with regard to reincarnation, did not exist before. Early Christians believed in the concept of reincarnation, until it was surgically removed from the scriptures in the Second Council of Constantinople, and then declared to be anathema. Why this council carried out this act is anybody's guess, and why the Protestant movement did not correct this is not known. Perhaps there are other passages in the Christian scriptures which give more credence to the concept on non-reincarnation. It is the writer's contention, that parts of the scriptures that seem to directly refute the idea of reincarnation are either later add-ons by the clergy, or are wrongly interpreted by the clergy to date.

The Sleeping Prophet of America, Edgar Cayce, was a staunch Christian, who true to Christian beliefs, did not believe in reincarnation. Yet time and again in his readings, reference was made to the previous incarnations of the subjects to whom he was giving the reading. This eventually made Edgar Cayce to accept the concept of reincarnation. Also, evidence is mounting by the day, from the reincarnation stories of individuals from all over the world that reincarnation is a fact from which we cannot run away from any longer.

So how is this connected to UFOs and Aliens? Fear that contact will destroy all forms of organized religion as we now know. The Aliens, who are generally more advanced than us, would already know that reincarnation is a fact. Governments, by admitting that contact has already been made with the Aliens, are likely to quicken the day when Aliens will officially interact with us. This will of course throw a spanner in the works of present organized Western religion in more ways than one. Among the multitude of religious questions that would be raised by such a contact, the concept of reincarnation would be one. This would be hugely damaging to the religions of the West. The religions from the East would however have no fear from this contact; as it is an integral part of their religions that earth is just a school for developing souls, and that there are other planets whose inhabitants are far more advanced both spiritually and materially than us, and that such a contact could only be for our own benefit. But as stated above, it appears that the Aliens are under the directive from the Great Spirit, not to interfere in our spiritual development. We may therefore have to work out this one out for ourselves; and the religions from the East are ever ready to help in this task.

Reincarnation is part and parcel of the older races of earth. The Aborigines and the Red Indians have always believed in reincarnation as have the Hindus. There is a curious passage in Hindu scriptures that deal with reincarnation and Aliens. It would appear that for some of the Aliens at least, emancipation is not possible until they are reincarnated back into the human form. Thus these Aliens, complete in their UFOs, try their level best to interrupt the meditations of humans. They become green with envy that these spiritually minded persons might complete the race (i.e. be absorbed back into the Great Spirit ), ahead of them. So in a way, though the Aliens may be light years ahead of us in technology, we may still hold the trump card!

This article is written not to criticize any existing religion, but to open up the mind to the greater truths that exist just beyond our reach, which with some honest endeavor can be incorporated into our psyche, and hasten the day when the brotherhood of man will be a reality.

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