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Franklin D. Fields, Jr. was an Army Officer and has traveled extensively around the world. Franklin D. Fields, Jr. was an Army Officer and has traveled extensively around the world. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. His military awards include the Bronze Star Medal for leadership while serving as a unit commander in Iraq. His civilian education includes a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Florida. Frank currently works as an attorney and owns a real estate investment company. You can email Franklin at Franklin also writes for

Stephenville UFO:
Was it a National Security Threat?
by Franklin D. Fields, Jr.

Posted: 14:00 September 24, 2008

Stephenville, Texas attracted worldwide attention earlier this year (Jan, 08) after residents sighted an unidentified flying object (UFO) that some say was a mile long. By news accounts, there were more than 30 residents to specifically report the sighting. It was front-page headlines in a large number of news forums. Many of the witnesses were interviewed on national television programs such as CNN´s Larry King Live.

All of the witnesses were credible and none were shown to be perpetrating a hoax. They might have been mistaken, but that seems unlikely since so many people saw the same object. Also, other evidence is available to corroborate their story. There was obviously something flying over Stephenville that might be a national security threat. Why will our government not take this incident seriously?

Steve Allen, a 50-year-old pilot, said that the object was "a mile long and half a mile wide" and that "I don't know if it was a biblical experience or somebody from a different universe or whatever but it was definitely not from around these parts." There is no disputing that Mr. Allen is a credible witness who saw a strange craft and then reported it to authorities. The U.S. Air Force was made aware of the sighting, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) knows about it and even Homeland Security was contacted. However, no official Federal Government Agency has looked into the matter or conducted an official investigation, why not?

It may seem impossible to some, but what if it was a space craft from another world? What if it was an advanced Chinese or Russian secret spy aircraft? It was seen flying in the direction of President Bush´s Ranch, maybe it was conducting surveillance work of some kind. Our government should conduct an investigation into the incident and let us know what is going on. The citizens of Stephenville and the American public deserve nothing less.

The Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network (MUFON) sent a group to investigate and when they arrived in Stephenville their team of six was overwhelmed by residents who wanted to give testimony. MUFON should be commended for what they did, as a private organization staffed only with volunteers, they gave willingly of their time and collected some very compelling data.

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