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Michael Horn's background is quite eclectic; he is an award-winning painter, trend-setting designer and creator of the still popular fashion fad "Fingernail Art", which he debuted in Harper's Bazaar in July of 1967. His paintings are in collections in Los Angeles, Chicago, London, India and Greece. He designed and painted the sets for the play "Hardware" at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood. Michael is also a published songwriter, singer, music and video producer, humorist, science researcher, writer and lecturer. In addition, Michael is the authorized American media representative for the Billy Meier Contacts. For more information, please visit Michael Horn can be reached by email at
New Photo Analysis Shows WCUFO to Be Authentic!
by Michael Horn
Posted: 14:22 September 14, 2009

Photographer Chris Lock ( recently took one of Billy Meier’s photographs of the highly controversial Wedding Cake UFO (WCUFO) and processed it with Photoshop. The WCUFO photographs, long attacked by skeptics as taken of a model made from a “garbage can lid”, are probably the most controversial of all of Meier’s more than 1,200 UFO photos.

Meier took 63 daytime and nighttime WCUFO photos, (which in itself would be a most prodigious accomplishment for any professional photographer/special effects expert using a “model UFO”) as well as an amazing video

Not only should the following analysis conclusively establish the absolute authenticity of the WCUFO (and Meier’s still irreproducible physical evidence as a whole) but it coincides with recent corroboration of more of Meier’s stunning and prophetically accurate information.

This is Chris’ commentary on the photos below:

“Here are the 3 images I have produced just using brightness and contrast and then adding exposure offset -- no fiddling with the photo. The leaves now seem to show up even more clearly. If nah or yeah, it's got to be yeah. The leaves are clearly preventing the left side of the craft from being seen. It disappears into them cf the right hand side in the original (top picture).

A line taken from the right hand outer edge of the "Cake" comes to nearly halfway through the bottom outer rim. If you take the same on the left side the craft clearly looks among the leaves. Besides, you can see them. Hope they all come out; but anyone can do this for themselves on Photoshop.”

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