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Concerning Physical Studies Of Anomalous Aerial Objects (AAOs)
By Ray Stanford
Founder & Director, Organization for Physical UFO Science, College Park, Maryland, USA

Posted: 00:15 September 25, 2009

Recently, some internet discussions concerning my project's UFO studies with electronic and optical instruments have been appearing. Those postings, and some responses to them by a couple of persons who have received them, make it advisable to clarify a few things. So please read the following if you would like a brief first-hand glimpse at a few of the project's accomplishments.

In 1964, I founded Project Starlight International, which by 1974 had become far more heavily involved in pursuit of UFO-related hard data recording than any other non-government operation. Since the name subsequently was usurped by a notorious 'free energy' and 'UFO disclosure' promoter, my very much on-going project has recently been renamed Organization for Physical UFO Science.

Our quiet, decades-long approach to acquiring reliable UFO data bears no resemblance to anything that has been paraded before the media as UFO research. In fact, my recently re-worked and very much expanded PowerPoint presentation titled "Anomalous Aerial Objects (AAOs): Examining the Physical Properties with the Instruments and Methods of Science,” presents scientific evidence that should excite any scientist interested in physical theory, regardless of his or her previous perspective concerning anomalous aerial objects (AAOs), as UFOs are called in the presentation.

A lot of theory wagons seem to be trying to hitch to a star, but that star usually is highly speculative, and the theory wagon often seems mistakenly placed ahead of any scientific-evidence horse, however diaphanous. Hypotheses concerning UFO propulsion physics should have good, well-documented physical evidence, repeated evidence, and irrefutable evidence on which to reside if they are to be acceptable in any important journal of science. 

The most visible, often-heard 'UFO research' organizations, regardless of how membership-large on a world-scale they claim to be, appear to have had their 'research' programs formatted in the 1950s! They evidently are more dedicated to membership numbers and media responses than to hard science. Old-fashioned report mongers "train" (their stock-in-trade term) "field investigators,” instead of equipping educated (better than "trained", any day) teams to facilitate recording of the objects, per se (instead of reports) with instruments, whether by automatic detection and recording, or, preferably when practical, with experienced instrument operators on-site. Of course, that does not mean after the objects are gone. For physical science's sake, it means putting 'instruments-to-objects' while the objects are there and with those instruments operating in well-documented contexts. 

It might embarrass a report-oriented UFO establishment to acknowledge that a truly event-capturing scientific operation has come up with better evidence than they've ever seen or would be comfortable to see coming from others who seek scientific hard data in preference to the glare of TV lights and network notoriety as, however dubiously, "UFO experts.”

The project and I have advocated and practiced the active-instruments approach for over four decades. For evidence of that, someone could read my "A TECHNOLOGICAL APPROACH TO UFOs, A Status Report on Project Starlight International", in CUFOs' publication INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER, Volume 2, Number 8, August 1977, pages 5 through 7. 

If that publication is not easily accessible, you can see a 1975 photo of, and read about, our automatic recording extreme low-frequency (ELF) magnetometer and its specifications at Hey, you 21st century high-tech, solid-state geeks, don't laugh. It has a very successful field record (some of which you can read about below) and still works nicely.  :)

For a poor-quality 1975 photo that explains the components and potential uses of our 'UFO/VECTOR" video and laser multi-purpose experiment console, just click on . Better photos are below, however.  At time of design and assembly, the UFO/VECTOR unit was surely the most sophisticated instrument ever put into operation in non-government UFO research. It probably still is. Although we never got to document UFO light bending using it [You can read below that we now have recorded far better evidence of such, than UFO/VECTOR might ever have supplied.], at our 400-acre lab site, we did manage to get the well-documented photo shown in the collage below, of my sweeping the UFO/VECTOR laser across a UFO's path, with the laser actually striking the anomalous aerial object, or else some protective 'defense perimeter' around it. The object was photographed from our three widely separated camera stations. The laser 'strike' happened on December 10, 1975, at 21:12 hours, local time, during an eight-second photographic exposure on Tri-X film, of the object's passage approximately parallel to our horizon. The object at first hovered for 10 minutes, then headed approximately toward us (See inset photo, lower right.), and finally turned away, taking the course recorded in the photo below. Within a few minutes after the sighting began, I contacted Bergstrom Air Force Base command post by telephone, and they told us that they were aware of the hovering object but could not identify it. The air force base -- the former location of which, since the base's close-down, has become Austin International Airport -- was in Austin, Texas, northwest of which was our 400-acre lab site, and, in town, our executive offices.

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